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Hampson-Russell Seismic Lithology & AVO Workshop

Singapore, Singapore

November 22 - 26, 2010 (5-Day Workshop)

UNIT 1: GEOVIEW & eLOG - Foundation


  • Unit 1 is a foundation for all of the other units.
  • Instructs the student on fundamental project set-up in Hampson-Russell software products including data loading, manipulation, and editing of common input seismic, horizon, and well log files.
  • Consists of a combination of lectures and practical exercises using the GEOVIEW & eLOG modules. Practical exercises comprise 75% of the unit content.

Practical Exercises

  • Well Log Data: GEOVIEW interface, data loading, third-party connectivity, depth-time tables, deviated wells, data viewing, check shot correction.
  • Data Management: Log profiling, log type mapping, well path viewing, handling culture data, seismic and horizon data loading & editing.
  • Log Editing: Using eLOG, log editing, cross-plotting, log maths, log transforms.

UNIT 2: STRATA - Seismic Inversion


  • Unit 2 provides a detailed but largely non-mathematical overview of current seismic inversion methods.
  • Instructs the student on the application of different inversion algorithms to various datasets.
  • Consists of a combination of lectures and practical exercises using the STRATA module. Practical exercises comprise 60% of the unit content.

Practical Exercises

  • Inversion Steps: Convolutional model & wavelets, synthetic-to-seismic ties, model building, inversion analysis for optimizing results, using varying inversion algorithms.
  • Practical Inversion: Inversion QC, implications of an inaccurate impedance model, inverting seismic with AVO effects.
  • Current Technologies: Model-based, sparse-spike, and AVO inversions.

UNIT 3: AVO - Amplitude Versus Offset Analysis


  • Unit 3 provides a comprehensive look at the theory and application of the AVO method.
  • Includes AVO case studies from a number of regions around the world.
  • Consists of a combination of lectures and practical exercises using the AVO module. Practical exercises comprise 50% of the unit content.

Practical Exercises

  • AVO Theory: Basic rock physics, Poisson’s ratio, Biot-Gassmann equations, Fluid Replacement Modelling, Zoeppritz equations, Aki-Richards & Shuey’s approximations, elastic wave modelling, intercept & gradient, anisotropy.
  • Practical AVO: Why is AVO less than perfect, AVO processing considerations, enhancing subtle AVO features, dangers of pushing AVO too far, common pitfalls in AVO interpretation.
  • Current Technologies: Lambda-Mu-Rho, elastic impedance, polarisation analysis, and AVO fluid inversion (AFI).

UNIT 4: EMERGE - Attribute Analysis


  • Unit 4 is a comprehensive review of how to use seismic attributes to build  robust relationships in the prediction of petrophysical well log data.  
  • Teaches the theory and application of linear, multi-linear, and non-linear (neural network) technology in well log prediction and seismic lithology classification.
  • Consists of a combination of lectures and practical exercises using the EMERGE module. Practical exercises comprise 60% of the unit content.

Practical Exercises

  • Attributes: Seismic attributes classification, combining optimal attributes to predict log data from seismic, cross-validation techniques, attribute training, transform application to input seismic data, neural networks.
  • Practical Attribute Analysis: When to stop adding attributes, how to improve prediction quality, pitfalls in interpretation of the resulting volumes, predicting missing logs from other logs.


Who Should Attend?

Geoscientists, explorationists, and technical staff wanting to understand the theory behind essential reservoir characterization techniques and how to implement this knowledge into practical E&P project workflows. Prior experience with Hampson-Russell products is NOT required.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Workshop times are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri).
  • The price is inclusive of the GeoBook, lunch & refreshments.
  • Travel & accommodation is not included. Assistance is available with hotel reservations.
  • Invoices will be submitted following course attendance (pro-forma is available).
  • Invoices will be created from the legal entity of CGG Services (Australia) Pty Ltd.
  • Invoices should be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Price is exclusive of sales tax.
  • Credit Card payment is available in USD$ transaction only - please contact us for more information.
  • Cancelations may be made up to 20 working days (4 weeks) prior to the first day of the workshop. After this a 50% workshop fee will be incurred. Clients may send a substitute delegate with no penalty.
  • All courses are run subject to demand and we reserve the right to change, postpone or cancel.


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Russell, Brian

Singapore, Singapore

22 Nov 10 - 26 Nov 10

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

US $3,100