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Geology & Prospectivity

This MC-2D survey covers the entire Syrian shelf and is the only recognized dataset for offshore Syria and upcoming licensing rounds.

The sedimentary coverage varies between 2 and 5 km in thickness and consists of a number of lithologies ranging in age from Triassic to Recent. Seismic anomalies including bright spots, flat spots, dimming, etc. indicate the presence of an active petroleum system offshore Syria.

Syria Data Example

IS-SYRIA-05 data example

Underexplored Potential

Little is known about the stratigraphy of the basins offshore Syria as there has been no exploratory drilling. Regional considerations and information from adjacent areas indicate that all the components for successful hydrocarbon drilling should be present. The presence of DHIs on seismic also support this view.

In the onshore wells close to the Syrian coast (Latakia wells) there are intervals both in the Cretaceous and Tertiary with gas shows and traces of oil or bitumen. There is considerable structuring within the study area, and this has been going on since the Triassic at different rates.

Geology of Syria

Late Cretaceous to Recent plate movements have created a very dynamic tectonic environment which is reflected in the many and varied structural and stratigraphic traps at different horizons.

Lateral facies changes evident on seismic data also indicate the potential for stratigraphic traps. Within the salt basins and in the Levantine Basin in particular, reefs have been found, both of early Tertiary, Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene age. Some of these reefs may be several hundred meters thick, up to 4 km wide and more than 20 km long.

Geology of Syria


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Geology & Prospectivity

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Regional seismic interpretation of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of offshore Syria
Steven A. Bowman
GeoArabia, 2011