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Commitment to Quality

CGG is committed to working with our clients and suppliers to create value by optimizing the discovery and development of natural resources in order to achieve our vision of being the geoscience partner of choice.

Commitment to QualityThrough our Quality Management Systems, based on a foundation of the ISO9001:2008 international standard, we strive to provide our clients with the highest possible levels of quality and value.

In the following business areas we currently have externally certified quality systems covering our activities:

  • Marine Acquisition
  • Equipment Manufacture (Sercel)
  • Subsurface Imaging
  • Geological Services (Robertson)
  • Reservoir Characterization (Hampson-Russell)
  • Data Management Solutions

To support our commitments, CGG management vigorously ensures there is a constant focus on developing a thriving 'quality culture' that provides an environment and resources to enable our employees to operate effectively, expand their competencies and grow within the company.

Through our efforts, we aim to strengthen our levels of customer satisfaction, improve our operational performance and enhance our project management capability.

These goals are achieved by setting stringent performance targets, systematically gathering customer feedback and taking actions to optimize non quality costs.

To ensure our long-term sustainability, CGG also strives to pursue mutually beneficial relationships with our key suppliers. These partnerships create value and deliver performance improvements that further strengthen our products and services.