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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Information

CGG is committed to Sustainable Development (SD) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through a balanced approach to economic development, social progress and responsible environmental management.

CGG’s commitment to SD and CSR is reaffirmed through:

and by our policies and practices related to:

CGG believes that SD involves all internal and external stakeholders. The Company expects the involvement and commitment of all staff and management to support and promote Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

SRI Presentation

SRI Presentation 2012
A Key Sustainable Value in the E&P Chain
(PDF, 25 pages, 1.3MB)

2013 Sustainable Development Report

SD Report 2013
'Leaving a Fond Memory'
(PDF, 28 pages, 2.8 MB)

UN Global Compact

3rd Communication on Progress
Communications on Progress (COP) Reports