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HRS-9: New Generation of Hampson-Russell Software

HRS-9 is a comprehensive software suite of reservoir characterization tools with all new functionality and an integrated work console to manage robust projects in a more efficient manner.

With versatile workflows, batch processing, a new lithology application (LithoSI), faster computing speed and all the existing Hampson-Russell software applications in a fully integrated package, HRS-9 will improve your ability to manage large volumes of data with ease and flexibility.

The newly designed intuitive and user-friendly dashboard allows users to quickly access data from a single location without the cumbersome task of opening multiple windows and importing/exporting large volumes of data.

Watch the video to learn more.

Video IconIntroduction to HRS-9 (run time: 7 minutes) PLAY | DOWNLOAD

HRS-9 Features

A Single, Comprehensive Interface

HRS-9 has been redesigned to integrate all the data, tools and processes for reservoir characterization into a simplified and intuitive package for easier navigation, a shorter learning curve and faster results, including built-in compatibility with CE8 so existing projects can be opened. More information about the ease of using HRS-9: Enhanced Software Interface

Versatile Workflows

Ready-made workflows to guide you through the steps of a reservoir project. The workflows can be customized with specific parameters, changed, saved, imported, exported and even emailed to your colleagues. Entire workflows can be re-run with one click. More information about workflows: HRS-9 workflows

Multi-threaded 64-bit Computing

Gain tremendous speed with automatic detection and simultaneous use of up to 12 CPU threads. 64-bit processing increases memory access and facilitates working with much larger datasets on either Linux or Windows platforms. More information about Multi-threading: Multi-threading in HRS-9

Chained Processing

Users can interactively build a chain of processes to apply to a subset or an entire project, outputting only the end-volume and efficiently avoiding the disc space limitations of intermediate volumes. More information about chained processing: Chained Processes

New Software Modules – Batch and LithoSI

Two completely new modules are now available for licensing within HRS-9.
Batch allows jobs to be queued to run later, for example, during non-peak operating hours, thereby allowing a more efficient use of computer resources and geophysicists’ time. More information about Batch: HRS-9 New Tools

LithoSI uses multi-variate probability density functions from log data and the elastic attributes from prestack seismic inversion, to output litho-probability cubes and a cube of the most probable facies. Now lithology can be interpreted together with the level of confidence in that lithology. More information about LithoSI: LithoSI Software Application

Comprehensive Suite of Reservoir Tools

HRS-9 is available as a complete reservoir modeling solution including the following modules, or applications can be licensed as needed. Learn more about HRS-9 applications: HRS-9 Modules

Customer Support

Hampson-Russell offers customer service and support. We are dedicated to making our clients successful and have dedicated resources available to assist. For more information about support and sales: Technical Support & Sales

In addition, you can learn more about specific applications or the HRS-9 platform by reviewing our Resources where you will find information, videos, tutorials, and other useful documentation about HRS-9. Learn more information about HRS-9 applications: HRS-9 Applications

Licensing & General Information


A new license will be required to run each major HRS-9 release. All clients with maintained software licenses will automatically receive a license when we release the software.


The link to the software download site can be found here: HRS-9 Software Download.

HRS-9 releases can be downloaded only with an account name and password which is personalized for each company. To request software download credentials please contact your regional sales representative.

Release notes, supported platforms, 3rd party data connectivity and technical specifications can be viewed here.