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What is BroadSeis?

BroadSeisTM is the CGG broadband marine solution, combining industry-leading equipment, unique variable depth streamer acquisition techniques and proprietary deghosting and imaging technology (patents pending).

GoM comparison
Comparison from the Gulf of Mexico. BroadSeis achieves an impressive 2.5 - 155Hz of signal - almost 6 octaves, providing exceptional resolution and penetration

Over 270,000km2 of BroadSeis 3D, including 70,000km2 of BroadSource and 33,000km2 wide-azimuth data has been acquired. From shallow water North Sea and Indonesian prospects to deep water Gulf of Mexico and West Africa, we have demonstrated BroadSeis' ability to emit, record and process six octaves of data, including ultra-low frequencies in the 2.5 - 5 Hz range, enhancing penetration and illumination below complex overburdens such as subsalt and sub-basalt environments.

Video: BroadSeis - The Ultimate Broadband Solution

CGG is leading the way in the seismic industry with an innovative portfolio
of broadband solutions (3:41)

Thanks to a massive investment in our fleet modernization program, our entire fleet is BroadSeis-ready .


  • Builds on the advantages of the Sentinel solid streamer with its extremely low noise characteristics and precise low-frequency response to give the highest signal-to-noise ratio available.
  • Widest bandwidth in the industry: 2.5 – 200Hz achieved (including source deghosting).
  • Steered-streamer broadband solution, fully 3D and WAZ compatible.
  • True amplitude image of the subsurface (fully amplitude preserving 3D de-ghosting), therefore AVO friendly.
  • An operationally robust solution using proven equipment.
  • Notch diversity can be tuned to maximize bandwidth at target depths and reservoir levels to provide a uniquely customizable solution that significantly reduces risk.
  • The depth profile can be varied across a survey to accommodate variations in water depth.

swell noise

These shot gathers, acquired in marginal weather, show how BroadSeis' deep tow reduces weather-related noise and so extends the weather window

  • The clearest images and details at the reservoir from exceptionally sharp and clean wavelets without sidelobes.
  • Extended weather window for greater operational efficiency and faster turnaround times due to deep tow reducing weather-related noise.
  • Fully compatible with Dovetail acquisition for reduced infill, due to accurate streamer steering.
  • Rich, broadband interpretation from up to six octaves of bandwidth and increased dynamic range .
  • Improved low frequencies for enhanced imaging below difficult geology (e.g. subsalt and sub-basalt) and for greater accuracy in seismic inversion.
  • High resolution shallow images for site surveys and drilling risk assessment.
  • Operational experience has shown that both 2D and 3D BroadSeis configurations can easily be controlled and steered using Sercel Nautilus streamer controllers.
  • Readily available on our entire fleet.

GoM comparison
As the challenges of exploration continue to grow, CGG has responded with a
step-change solution that redefines the limits of penetration and data clarity.