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BroadSeis Bulletin Board

All the Latest BroadSeis News and Developments


April 2: Ultra-Low Frequencies Complete the Picture

Without the ultra-low frequencies delivered by BroadSeis there would be no red in this image of channels in the Kwanza Basin, Angola.


BroadSeis delivers the broadest bandwidth in the industry (6 octaves) with the best low-noise low frequencies down to 2.5Hz. These ultra-low frequencies enable detailed facies discrimination and quantitative inversion results, to not only identify optimal drilling locations but also provide stunning images.

Visit our new page on BroadSeis Ultra-Low Frequencies to see how we can help to define your reservoir.

January 28: BroadSeis Offshore Brazil Now Underway

Acquisition of the high-end BroadSeis 3D multi-client survey program offshore Brazil in the Foz do Amazonas Basin has commenced as planned.

Read the full press release for further information.


December 17: BroadSeis Offshore Brazil

CGG and Spectrum announced today that they are jointly launching a large, high-end BroadSeis 3D multi-client survey program offshore Brazil, covering 11,330km2 in the very promising Foz do Amazonas Basin.

Read the full press release for further information.

November 28: BroadSeis in South Africa

As part of the 20th Africa Oil Week show in Cape Town, CGG presented a paper in the Exploration Technologies session, entitled Advancing Technologies - Getting Closer to Geology with BroadSeis.

The paper discussed the benefits that BroadSeis brings to interpretation in pre- and post-salt environments compared to conventional data. It also described the use of spectral decomposition to bring out even more detail from the data.

October 9: Second BroadSeis Multi-Client Survey in Norway

CGG announced today that it has successfully completed a second BroadSeis multi-client survey offshore Norway. The survey covers a 2,300 km2 area in the Barents Sea. Fast-track processing deliverables will be available by the end of 2013 and final processing products by August 2014.

Read the full press release for further information.

October 1: Wide-Azimuth BroadSeis

CGG announced today that it has received a Letter of Award for a large high-end seismic acquisition program offshore West Africa, mobilizing the Geo Coral, Geo Barents and Pacific Finder vessels to conduct a 1,484 km2 BroadSeis wide-azimuth survey.

Read the full press release for more details.

September 27: BroadSeis at SEG

There was a whole host of BroadSeis and BroadSource activity at SEG 2013 in Houston this year. This included a daily booth theater presentation entitled "BroadSeis - What Have We Learned?" along with the following technical papers and posters:

  • Pre-Migration Receiver De-Ghosting and Re-Datuming for Variable Depth Streamer Data
  • First Variable-Depth Streamer Seismic Survey Offshore China
  • Reducing Turnaround of a Large Variable Depth Streamer Processing Through Improved Onshore-Offshore Coordination
  • Synchronized Multi-Level Source, A Robust Broadband Marine Solution
  • Velocity Model Building for Variable-Depth Streamer Data: Brunei Case Study
  • Deblending of Simulated Simultaneous Sources Using an Iterative Approach: An Experiment with Variable-Depth Streamer Data
  • Optimization of the Streamer Shape in Variable-Depth Streamer Acquisitions
  • Improved Imaging in Santos Basin Utilizing Variable-Depth Streamer Data
  • Application of 3D Full Waveform Inversion to a Synchronized, Multi-Level Source Dataset

September 25: BroadSeis in Australia

CGG announced today the successful completion of its first BroadSeis-BroadSource survey in Australia in July of this year. The ‘Sandman’ deepwater broadband survey on the Northwest Australian shelf was awarded to CGG by Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd.

Read the full press release for more details.

September 5: BroadSeis in Malaysia

CGG announced today its award by PETRONAS of a contract to acquire and process a 10,000km2 3D seismic survey program offshore Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia using BroadSeis, CGG’s broadband marine solution. The survey started in August and is due to last five months. The survey dataset will be processed in CGG’s Kuala Lumpur data center.

Read the full press release for more details.

Cornerstone PSDM MapSeptember 4: BroadSeis in the North Sea

CGG announced today that it has started the re-imaging of its entire Cornerstone multi-client dataset to create a 35,000km2 contiguous broadband PSDM volume, covering the Central North Sea.

The existing conventional north-south long-offset data will be reprocessed with a deghosting technique to produce an extended-bandwidth dataset as a complement to the growing BroadSeis true broadband east-west coverage.

CGG’s ongoing campaign to expand its BroadSeis multi-client data coverage will enable customers to capitalize on the subsurface imaging benefits of dual-azimuth Broadband PSDM data. CGG is confident these products will bring new insight for prospect evaluation for several years to come.

Read the full press release for more details.

August 29: BroadSeis at SBGf

There were two BroadSeis papers hosted in the technical sessions at the 13th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society and EXPOGEF in Rio de Janeiro:

Offshore solutions: Brazil broadband case study - presented by Jaswinder Mann

Benefits of Broadband data for Reservoir Characterization Santos Basin, Brazil - presented by Ekaterina Kneller

August 14: BroadSeis at ASEG-PESA

A BroadSeis case study offshore Australia featured amongst CGG's technical papers presented at the 23rd International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne, jointly hosted by ASEG and PESA. The full title was "Simplify the variable-depth streamer data processing through pre-migration deghosting: a case study from NWS Australia", presented by Keat Huat Teng.

July 15: StagSeis Multi-Client IBALT Dataset Delivered

The FastTraxTM dataset from the IBALT long-offset, full-azimuth, broad-bandwidth multi-client survey, over the Garden Banks area of the Gulf of Mexico, has been delivered and is now available for license. This survey, that commenced acquisition in July last year, is the first survey to be acquired using CGG's StagSeis marine acquisition technique, which provides regular, consistent bin coverage, with full-azimuths and long-offsets, using a patented staggered vessel acquisition geometry. The improved imaging achieved when compared with the earlier wide-azimuth data is clearly visible on the example below.

StagSeis fasttrax

June 24: BroadSeis at EAGE

At the recent EAGE Conference & Exhibition in London, BroadSeis celebrated an important landmark - over 100,000km2 of 3D data acquired to date on over 50 commercial surveys. BroadSeis has confirmed its position as the industry benchmark marine broadband solution for 3D, wide-azimuth and now 4D.

BroadSeis appeared widely throughout the technical program:

  • Tu-12-09 Synchronized Multi-level Source and Variable-depth Streamer - A Combined Ghost-free Solution for Broadband Marine Data (joint paper with Lundin Petroleum)
  • Tu-12-11 Optimization of the Streamer Shape in Variable-depth Streamer Acquisitions
  • Tu-12-14 Challenges of Pre-Salt Imaging in Brazil’s Santos Basin - A Case Study on a Variable-Depth Streamer Data Set
  • Tu-12-15 Broadband High-Density Development Wide Azimuth - Application in the Gulf of Mexico (joint paper with Pemex)
  • We-P08-10 Velocity Model Building Using Dense RMO Picking for Variable-depth Streamer Data (joint paper with Total)
  • Th-08-04 Deblending of Simulated Simultaneous Sources Using an Iterative Approach - an Experiment with Variable-depth Streamer Data
  • Th-08-10 Channel Modelling using Full Waveform Inversion Applied to Variable-depth Streamer Data

June 12: BroadSeis in Colombia

CGG announced today that it has been awarded a contract by a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and partner Ecopetrol to acquire and process a 5,500-km2 3D BroadSeis seismic survey on the Caribbean coast offshore Colombia. This is the largest marine seismic program ever acquired in Colombia and the first proprietary BroadSeis survey to be conducted in the country.

Read the full press release for more details.

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