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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does the acquisition of Fugro Geoscience mean for CGG?
    Through this acquisition CGG becomes a fully integrated Geoscience company. It strengthens and extends our existing equipment and acquisition businesses, in particular with the addition of four recently built high-end 3D vessels, while allowing us to move into the high-end geology, geophysics, and reservoir characterization markets.
  2. To whom should I send my calls to tender from now on?
    Please continue to communicate through your usual contact person and we will ensure you receive a single, comprehensive response.
  3. How does the agreement work with Fugro Geoscience’s multi-client library?
    Fugro Geoscience’s mult-client library is primarily composed of 2D and 3D seismic data in northwestern Europe, Australia, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. We have a commercial agreement with Fugro to act as a non-exclusive broker of its existing 3D multiclient data, which remains owned by Fugro. This gives CGG access to a broader range of client contacts while increasing its exposure to complementary and high-potential regions such as Australia and northwest Europe, including the Barents Sea.
  4. Why have you created a Seabed Joint Venture (Seabed GeoSolutions) with Fugro?
    By setting up the seabed acquisition joint venture with Fugro, we have created a worldwide leader in the growing SWOBS business, providing services for Shallow Water, Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC), Node acquisitions, or Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) systems. Drawing on the know-how, experience and technologies of both Fugro and CGG, the joint venture will be strongly supported by both partners to ensure your needs are met.
  5. I have a combined Seabed and Streamer tender - Who do I contact? - Seabed GeoSolutions or CGG?
    Please contact both your CGG and Seabed GeoSolutions representatives. Our intention is to ensure that for any request for integrated geoscience services, the tenders will be reviewed with our JV partner to ensure you will receive a single response supported by the combined strengths of CGG, Fugro and Seabed GeoSolutions.
    • What about a combined Land and Shallow Water/OBC tender? 
      Please reference the response above.
    • What about a combined Seabed acquisition + Processing tender?
      Please reference the response above.
  6. Will CGG honor contracts undertaken by the Fugro Geoscience companies it acquires?
    Yes. All contractual commitments undertaken by the acquired Fugro entities will be honored by CGG after closing.
  7. Will the acquisition of Fugro Geoscience have an impact on quality and HSE?
    We expect no negative impact to HSE or Quality performance to either CGG or Fugro Geoscience ongoing contracts as a result of the Fugro Geoscience acquisition. Acquired units will continue to apply their HSE and Quality Management Systems during the transition period to assure no sudden disruption or loss of performance. CGG will methodically integrate these operations into its systems according to a planned approach to minimize disruption and assure the highest standards in the industry.  Immediately after the acquisition, Fugro Geoscience operations will be included in CGG Crisis and Security planning processes.
  8. Can I have access to CGG technology at a former Fugro Geoscience processing center or vice-versa?
    We intend to provide our clients with all the technology we have available. However, it will take some time to get logistics in place. All our clients will be kept informed of progress in this respect.
  9. Which software is CGG going to keep for processing, geologic modeling or inversion?
    In the near term all software will be retained so that ongoing projects and commitments are unaffected. All our clients will be kept informed of any planned changes.
  10. Will you still be recruiting new staff?
    Yes, of course. Our people are the driving force behind the excellence we provide to our customers and we will continue to attract talented geophysicists, geologists, engineers and scientists from around the world to our company. Please visit our website at www.cgg.com/careers to consult our career opportunities.