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Seabed Geosolutions

In September 2012, Fugro and CGG agreed to enter into a Seabed Geophysics joint venture which includes Fugro’s and CGG’s transition zone, ocean bottom cable and permanent reservoir monitoring activities. By combining the strengths of both companies, the Seabed Geophysics joint venture is in an immediate market leading position in seabed geophysical activities, and benefits from a good synergy between Fugro's subsea activities and the pure play geophysical strategy of CGG.

Seabed Geosolutions was formally established upon closing on January 28, 2013. The formation of the Seabed Geophysics joint venture represents the creation of a focused global leader in the fast growing Seabed acquisition market with a critical mass that supports a broad range of seabed technology offerings and a strengthened commercial efficiency.


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