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Data Management Services

Providing Complete Data Management Services

  • Are you getting all the data you need?
  • Is the data accurate, and in the right format for access?
  • Do you know where all your data is?
  • Do the current software applications enable you to access data easily?

CGG Data Management Services

These are all common questions within the data management industry, and it’s our business to ensure we answer these and many others to provide you with exclusive E&P data management services that enhance your productivity.

We work exclusively with E&P clients globally to provide:

Data Storage: From rocks to records, boxes to bytes, we can store, preserve and ensure dynamic access to your information assets digitally and physically using the latest industry-standard metadata processes.

Data Services: Using geophysical and petrophysical expertise and techniques to breathe new life into legacy data.

Data Library Products: UKCS Well Data; UKCS well data collation; Petrophysical Interpretations both proprietary and non-proprietary; NCS Seismic; Cultural & Scouted Data.

Technology Solutions: Capturing metadata on all your information assets and making it available to users via web-based tools making it far easier to manage, search, order and distribute quality information assets on a global basis.

Consultancy & Expertise: Workflow Mapping / Process Improvement; Project Management; Best Practice Reviews / Audit.

Data Management Training: We provide training solutions for all those involved with data, from IT Engineers and Data Technicians, to Geoscientists on how to design, manage and operate data centers, E&P physical storage facilities, corporate databases and national data repositories. 

Integrated Solutions: Licensing and round bid organization; Corporate database support; Legacy data review for new exploration theme - shale gas; Database build-up and GIS services.