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GravMag Solutions

CGG is the global leader in potential field products and services, being the only full-service provider on land, sea and in the air. An unparalleled resource of experience and expertise in data acquisition, data processing, integrated interpretation and specialized software is available from a single source.

Providing for all Environments

  • Complete suite of non-seismic land acquisition services including gravity and electromagnetic techniques.
  • Acquisition and data processing of marine magnetic, gravity and bathymetry - in conjunction with seismic surveys or stand-alone.
Land Gravamg - Interpretation GravMag - Map

Maximizing Value and Understanding

We license a complete suite of 2D and 3D modeling and interpretation software for potential field geophysical data. Extract maximum value from all available data types by performing 3D joint inversion of gravity, gravity gradiometry and magnetic data or gravity-enhanced PSDM velocity modelling.

Alternatively, we can provide leading edge interpretation specific to your data and your geological challenges. We have worked on datasets from throughout the world, in diverse geological areas, ranging from regional frontier studies to the prospect level.

Our multi-client division offers the most comprehensive, non-exclusive airborne, land and marine potential fields geophysical database in the world.

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