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Marine Acquisition

CGG offers the complete range of marine acquisition services, providing high-end broadband solutions. We provide state-of-the-art narrow, wide and full-azimuth towed streamer exploration, development and 4D seismic surveys and complementary non-seismic techniques such as gravity and magnetic surveys. In partnership with our seabed joint venture, we provide hybrid node-streamer surveys and seamless acquisition from deep to shallow water. Intrinsic to all these activities is our commitment to service and quality.

oceanic vega

The Oceanic Vega (©Tony Hall)

With the acquisition of Fugro's geoscience division we now have the largest seismic fleet of modern high-end vessels. Fugro's C-class vessels join our recently upgraded fleet, which has seen a one billion dollar investment in modernization over the last three years and includes two state-of-the-art 20-streamer Ulstein SX120 X-BOWS®.

  • The entire fleet is fitted with Sercel Sentinel® solid streamers.
  • All vessels have steerable streamers, most deploying the innovative Sercel Nautilus® 3-in-1 streamer positioning, depth control and steering device.
  • All vessels are capable of acquiring BroadSeisTM unrivalled broadband data.
  • BroadSourceTM, a broadband source that complements BroadSeis, is currently available on some vessels and is being rolled out across the fleet.

Sentinel streamers

  • The X-Bows and C-class vessels have DNV-CLEAN notation for the lowest environmental impact.
  • The entire fleet can run on MGO (marine gas oil) for lower emissions than standard heavy oil
  • Solid streamers are environmentally friendly and have been proven in sensitive frontier areas such as the Arctic. They have the highest resistance to physical damage in the industry.
  • Solid streamers are recognized as being the quietest in the industry, with the best low-frequency signal-noise ratio.