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Subsurface Imaging

Data Processing & ImagingCGG is unique in the geophysical sector due to the depth of our in-house technical knowledge, the talents of our people, our geophysical presence and the quality of services and products we provide.

As recognized leaders in subsurface processing, particularly in the areas of depth imaging, 4D processing and reservoir characterization, we believe knowledge empowers.

Our worldwide network of seismic data processing centers and dedicated processing facilities allows us to globally distribute ideas and computing power to regional hubs through an unequalled range of tools and technologies. Our ongoing commitment to research and development provides real-time local support from our major R&D centers in Houston, Calgary, Paris, London and Singapore.

Processing & ImagingBy fostering a rich and dynamic learning environment, we focus on knowledge transfer so that we can attract and hire the best geophysicists and scientists in the world. It is through collaboration with each other and our clients that we are able to solve the toughest geological challenges with region-specific intelligence and game-changing algorithms.

Our geovation processing and imaging system provides complete solutions for seismic data recorded in any environment including land, marine, multicomponent and seabed.

Following the acquisition of Fugro Seismic Imaging, we are proud to offer the capabilities of the UNISEIS and KISMET software suites.

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