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Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Maximize the Value of Your Seismic Volumes!

Our quantitative integration of geological, geophysical and engineering data for Seismic to Simulation studies produces accurate and predictive reservoir models to evaluate alternate management strategies and predict future production and ultimate recovery from your field.

Our expertise across the full chain of seismic acquisition, processing and reservoir characterization and model building means that we understand how to get superior results at every stage in the seismic reservoir characterization workflow:

  • Rock physics modeling
  • Feasibility and survey design for broadband acquisition solutions
  • Reservoir-oriented seismic processing and conditioning
  • Pre-stack analysis for elastic and azimuthal attributes
  • Quantitative analysis of lithology, porosity, fluid and geomechanical properties
  • Static and dynamic reservoir modeling
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Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

CGG is at the forefront of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring, combining both passive and active monitoring techniques that span offshore and onshore applications from enhanced oil recovery monitoring to long-term CO2 sequestration management.

With our portfolio of innovative technologies, breadth of expertise from equipment to 4D interpretation and industry-leading experience on pioneering projects, we are able to help you better understand the complexities of your reservoir, optimize production and manage the associated risks.

NPA Satellite Mapping

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