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CGG offers the industry’s most recent and technologically advanced multi-client data library in the world’s key locations.

As the industry’s leading investor in multi-client seismic surveys, many of the world’s recent and significant discoveries were found on our data. We also offer the most comprehensive, privately-owned, non-exclusive airborne, land and marine potential field geophysical database in the world.

Land Seismic Marine Seismic Gravity & Magnetics Geological Reports

Land Seismic

Marine Seismic

Gravity & Magnetics

Geologic Reports

Acquired and imaged with the latest technologies, our surveys provide the clearest geological insight in the most prospective locations. CGG also provides unrivalled geological and geophysical expertise, resources and a unique set of tools with which to fully realize the value of acreage worldwide.

All CGG multi-client data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis. Contact us for availability, quality inspection and pricing.