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Insight Earth

The Best Drilling Decisions Start Here

Insight Earth® leverages existing interpretation investments and improves performance across the entire workflow. It provides:

  • Superior results
  • Industry-leading speed
  • Unsurpassed accuracy

Insight Earth brings advanced volume processing capabilities and the most accurate attribute definition to the desktop, along with leading-edge interpretation tools and techniques. Plus, Insight Earth interpretation products can transfer seamlessly to other interpretation platforms.

By adding Insight Earth to existing workflows, the true paleo-depositional environment is rapidly revealed. Valuable time can be better spent in evaluating plays, validating findings, and making the most astute and accurate drilling recommendations rather than mindlessly repeating mouse clicks.

Insight Earth Advantages

  • Defines prospects quickly through precise interpretation of 3D surfaces, including faults, horizons, canyons and salt bodies
  • Leverages existing interpretation investments and improves performance across the entire workflow
  • Provides industry-leading speed, unsurpassed accuracy and superior results, saving months of time when compared to traditional systems

Insight Earth in Action

Insight Earth offers six powerful solutions:

These solutions incorporate several patented technologies that facilitate structural and stratigraphic workflows:

Seamless Compatibility

Insight Earth leverages any current interpretation investment through data link plug-in modules, which facilitate the reading and writing of data between interpretation systems. Seismic, attribute, interpretation and well data are read into Insight Earth, and when the results are completed, they can be transferred back to another system to continue the workflow, gaining speed, completeness, and accuracy.

Link modules include:

  • Petrel® Link
  • Landmark OpenWorks® R-5000 Link
  • Paradigm Epos Link

High Performance Computing

Insight Earth runs so much faster than traditional systems because it takes advantage of the full computational power of the workstation or laptop. Tedious mouse clicking is replaced with advanced technologies that condition and analyze seismic data and automate the interpretation process.

Plus, all of this power comes without having to invest in expensive CPU clusters. The software is optimized for multi-core CPUs, leveraging the latest chip architectures to deliver tremendous boosts in performance.

Insight Earth takes advantage of General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) architectures to add massive computing power to Windows® and Linux® workstations at a relatively low cost. Utilizing the latest NVIDIA® GPGPU cards, 50x acceleration over an 8-core CPU system on the first card can be easily realized, with scalable improvements as more cards are added. This level of performance is redefining interpretation workflows, with dramatically shortened compute times, interpreters now have the freedom to experiment with different parameters and settings, and still find themselves far ahead of traditional schedules.