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508XT Next-generation land seismic recording system 


Additional 12 Threads HampsonRussell license that allows utilizing extra 12 CPU to increase project efficiency and performance.
Advanced 3D Viewer Enhanced 3D visualization, facilitates interactive display of results from HampsonRussell's LithoSI, GeoSI, ProAZ and Attributes packages. 
Akon Complete data management solution.
Anisotropic Inversion Jason-exclusive software that estimates anisotropy magnitude and direction from a set of azimuth-based AVO inversions.
Attribute Estimation Unifies many Jason Workbench attribute computations in one, centralized interface.
Attributes Designed to create and extract a collection of advanced, multi-trace seismic attributes within HampsonRussell software.
AVO Comprehensive HampsonRussell module for prestack data conditioning, attribute computation and analysis. 
AVO Attribute Extraction Jason Workbench reconnaissance tool to look for AVO anomalies.
AVO Fluid Inversion HampsonRussell module that estimates uncertainty in the fluid predictions from AVO.


Batch Processing Makes use of computing power outside of normal working hours and increases efficiency in HampsonRussell projects.
BodyChecking Jason set of tools for quantitative multi-volume interpretation of cubes based on cut-off values.
BroadSeis™ True broadband marine seismic.
BroadSource™ Broadband marine source.
B-WATS BroadSeis wide-azimuth acquisition.


Capillary Pressure PowerLog module that evaluates well logs and cores from multiple wells and zones to determine water saturation.
CleanSweep  Anti-distortion vibroseis sweep.
Cornerstone  35,000km2 3D broadband PSDM in Central North Sea.

Davros 11,000km2 BroadSource survey off NW Australia. 
Deghosting  Broadband marine processing toolbox.
Depth Inversion Jason product that provides complete reservoir characterization analysis in depth without the need to replicate large depth-migrated data sets in time.
DepthMod Jason Workbench functionality for calibrating velocity models and converting time data (inversions) to depth, which ties well tops.
DIGHEM High-resolution helicopter frequency-domain EM.


EarthModel® FT Complete Geological modeling software that incorporates all field data for dynamic reservoir models and connects to flow simulation.
EarthModel® FT Geophysics Interfaces with the Jason Workbench for Deterministic model building and integral part of low frequency modeling workflows for inversion.
EarthModelBuilder Flexible geological modeling software that generates accurate, realistic multiple first-pass reservoir models.
Emerge A Geostatistical attribute prediction module within HampsonRussell that predicts property volumes using well logs and attributes from seismic data.
EmphaSeis  Broadband vibroseis. 
Environment-Plus / E-Plus® Combines key tools within the Jason Workbench into a single foundation for performing structural and quantitative interpretation workflows.
ERGO  Reservoir analogue database and knowledgebase.
EV2 Unique exploration volume and value modelling tool.


Facies & Fluids Probabilities Interactive interpretation tool for determining lithofacies from Jason InverTracePlus and RockTrace inversions.
FaciesID Fast, interactive, user-friendly well log facies classification from PowerLog.
FALCON The only Airborne Gravity Gradiometer born to fly.
FaultFractureSpark InsightEarth's advanced automated Fault extraction and Fracture interpretation software.
FracRAT PowerLog module developed with Baker Hughes and Taurus Engineering to compute elastic rock (including anisotropic) and fluid properties for fracture simulation.
FRogi Global geochemistry database and analysis tool.
Full Source Characterization (FSC)  Marine Full Source Characterization. 
FunctionMod Application for performing mathematical operations on Jason data files.
FWI  Full Waveform Inversion.


Gabon  25,000km2 integrated geoscience multi-client survey. 
Gather Conditioning Set of applications within HampsonRussell to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and alignment of CDP gather data in preparation for any prestack analysis process.
GeoSI A Geostatistical (single stack and multiple stack)  inversion application from HampsonRussell that generates fine scale stochastic models.
GEOSIM® Coupled reservoir & geomechanical simulation.
GEOTEM Airborne fixed-wing deep imaging time-domain EM.
Geotools MT interpretation software.
Geovation Benchmark seismic data processing and imaging software.
Geoview Foundation framework for HampsonRussell software with data loading, visualization and display modules.
Global Offshore Seeps Satellite database of natural hydrocarbon seeps.
GWE Ghost Wavefield Elimination deghosting.


HampsonRussell Intuitive geophysical interpretation software for reservoir characterization from GeoSoftware. 
HELITEM High-power time-domain helicopter EM.
Horda  35,000km2 (inc Tampen) BroadSeis-BroadSource dataset offshore Norway.  Fully-integrated geoscience project with reservoir characterization products available in 2016. 
HPVA  Removal of harmonic noise from slip-sweep vibroseis data to enable higher-productivity acquisition without compromising quality. 


IBALT StagSeis survey delivering step-change Gulf of Mexico subsalt imaging.
Ignition Data and visualization management tool for InsightEarth advanced seismic interpretation software.
IME  Interbed Multiple Elimination techniques.
InSAR Satellite surface deformation monitoring.
InsightEarth® Advanced 3D interpretation suite from GeoSoftware.
InverTracePlus® Jason Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion (CSSI) software that improves decision-making by putting seismic zero offset stacks into geologic context.

Jason®  Advanced reservoir characterization seismic to simulation workflows from GeoSoftware.

Largo Integrates well log data analyses and rock physics modeling with seismic analysis for quantitative seismic reservoir characterization.
LCT  Potential field interpretation software.
LithoSI HampsonRussell software that quantifies uncertainty in seismic lithology and fluid prediction.
Log A comprehensive well log editing and modeling tool used as input into all HampsonRussell applications.


MagCUBE™  Geomagnetic referencing for directional drilling.
MapPredict (ISMap) HampsonRussell's map-based geostatistical tool for integrating well and seismic attribute data into detailed maps.
Merlin+  Paleo-Earth systems model.
Multi-Attribute Well Interpolator (MAWI) Jason Workbench analysis tool that creates low frequency models to merge with seismic data for better estimation of geology beyond well control.
Multi-CPU Reduces compute time for Jason InverTracePlus and RockTrace jobs by spreading the processing load times across as many as 64 CPUs.
Multi-Realization A multi-realization batch accelerator to speed up Jason StatMod and RockMod advanced reservoir characterization projects.
Multi-Volume Attribute (MVA) Ensures reliability of Jason inversion outcomes to avoid inconsistent near and far partial stacks that may render the outcomes of AVO inversion unreliable.
MWD  Model-based Water-Layer Demultiple.


Orthorhombic PSDM Orthorhombic depth imaging.


PaleoSpark  Fast and accurate stratigraphic interpretation tool from InsightEarth that transforms the structural domain seismic into the stratal domain. 
PlateWizard™  Advanced plate tectonic model.
PleXus™  Management tool and portal for enterprise data management.
Powder River  Multi-Client survey and integrated geoscience project in Wyoming.
PowerLog®  Benchmark petrophysical interpretation package for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy.
PowerLog® Frac™  Fit for purpose version of PowerLog with module to create properly formatted elastic rock properties and fluid parameters used in fracture simulation software.  
Pro4D Provides a collection of tools to analyze and interpret time-lapse seismic datasets within HampsonRussell Software.
ProAZ Seismic gather azimuthal anisotropy analysis software from HampsonRussell for characterizing unconventional and naturally fractured reservoirs. 
ProMC HampsonRussell application that allows consistent interpretation of multicomponent data.

Q-PSDM Imaging through absorption anomalies.
QEMSCAN®  Automated and quantitative mineralogical analysis.

Red Book Multi-client geological reports.
REVIVE5D Seismic data regularization and interpolation.
RESOLVE High-resolution airborne EM.
RockFrame 3D interpretation for seismic-to-simulator workflows within Jason’s quantitative reservoir analysis tools. 
RockMC Deterministic and Geostatistical simultaneous inversion of P-S converted wave data in Jason RockTrace and RockMod projects.
RockMod®  Jason pre-stack (multiple stacks) advanced Geostatistical inversion for highly detailed models that match history and forecast production accurately.
Rock Physics Module (RPM) Add-on module for PowerLog that integrates petrophysical well log analysis with rock physics modeling.
RockSI™ HampsonRussell rock physics modeling tool for exploring the link between rock properties and seismic data for quantitative interpretation. 
RockTrace Jason AVO/AVA simultaneous pre-stack inversion application that determines key reservoir properties through the inversion of partial offset or angle stacks. 
RoqSCAN™  Field-portable quantitative and automated mineralogy.
RTM  Reverse Time Migration.


SaltSpark InsightEarth application that quickly and accurately defines the salt sediment boundary, or the boundaries of other complex geo-bodies.
Seismic HampsonRussell tool that prepares and manages seismic data for use in seismic inversion, AVO analysis, reservoir characterization and visualization.
SRME Surface-Related Multiple Attenuation.
StagSeis Market-leading sub-salt imaging solution.
StatMin PowerLog module that generates high quality models of reservoirs with mineral complexity, particularly useful for unconventional shale reservoirs.
StatMod® Jason post-stack (single stack) advanced Geostatistical inversion for highly detailed and predictive reservoir models.
Strata HampsonRussell product that performs both post-stack and pre-stack inversion using various methods.
Surface Geochemistry Analysis of hydrocarbon seeps.
SWANA Surface wave attenuation.
SWD Shallow Water Demultiple.
SynAcq Synchronized marine vessel acquisition.


Tellus™ The definitive multi-client exploration database.
TerrainExplorer Satellite imagery and elevation data products.
TomoML Unique global multi-layer tomography
TOR  Tilted orthorhombic anisotropic velocity models.
TTI  Tilted anisotropic velocity models.


UltraSeis™  Integrated seismic solution for onshore reservoir development.

VelPro  Comprehensive and flexible post-stack velocity modeling that integrates with seismic and well velocity information. 


WaveletTools Advanced wavelet estimation tools within the Jason Workbench.
WellTie Provides a highly visual and interactive environment for creating, refining and QC'ing wavelets for Jason inversions.
WellPath Unique well path planning optimization algorithms within InsightEarth advanced interpretation software.
WidePass  Increase subsurface coverage without increasing surface footprint.