Geological Services


Onsite and Wellsite Services

CGG offers a comprehensive range of Geological Services onsite. This ranges from undertaking fieldwork globally through to our specialists working on projects in clients offices.

Our Biostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Automated Mineralogy groups also supply specialists on wellsite to provide real-time analytical and geological interpretation as wells are drilled.


Post–drilling Services

With over 100 geoscientists working in our Geological Services group, CGG provides a unique range of services. Our services range from truly microscopic, to studies on individual wells or reservoirs through to large regional studies covering several fields or basins.

All CGG Geological Services can be undertaken individually or combined into multidisciplinary integrated projects.


Integrated Services

All of CGG’s Geological Services can be provided by individual discipline or they can be fully integrated using multiple techniques to maximise the geological interpretation from our clients datasets.

Having problems with timing and charge? Our Biostratigraphy, Geochemistry and Structural Geologists can design a work programme suitable to resolve these issues.

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GeoConsulting - New Ventures Screening

New Ventures Screening

Providing direct assistance to companies wishing to increase their portfolio in the screening of new opportunities through to evaluating specific license rounds.

GeoConsulting - Sequence Stratigraphy

Sequence Stratigraphy

Applying the principles of sequence stratigraphy to many sedimentary basins worldwide, including identification of regional sequence boundaries and integration of quantitative biodata.

GeoConsulting - QemScan


An integrated scanning electron microscope hardware and cutting edge software suite.

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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