Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling, to the development of innovative reservoir geochemical studies for determining the variation and possible sourcing of reservoir fluids, produced water and bitumens. A substantial and expanding non-proprietary geochemical database (Geochemical Information Repository or FRogiā„¢) and Oil Store supports these services.

Applications of Geochemistry to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

  • Source rock evaluation, including source rock richness and quality, organic petrography and maturity
  • Oil-Oil and oil-source rock correlation studies for petroleum systems evaluation
  • Evaluation of condensate samples
  • Evaluation of gas, including source of gas, nature of gas (thermogenic versus biogenic gas) In PVT (MDT/DST), headspace and flowline gas samples
  • Formation water evaluation
  • Reservoir geochemical studies: evaluation of reservoir compartmentalisation, hydrocarbon charging history, production allocation
  • Shale gas plays evaluation
  • Thermal and migration modelling in 1D, 2D and 3D
  • Offshore surface geochemistry
  • Oil Store: worldwide oil store comprises thousands of oil samples collected from worldwide basins
GeoConsulting - Exploration Geology and Geophysics

Exploration Geology and Geophysics

Robertson combines expertise from the key disciplines of Seismic and Non-Seismic Geophysics, Structural Geology and Petroleum Geology

GeoConsulting - FRogi


Providing geochemists and petroleum geologists with a comprehensive and consistent tool for displaying and understanding geochemical data.

GeoConsulting - Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Providing both project support and stand-alone analytical services with rapid turnarounds available when required.

GeoConsulting - Proprietary Geoscience

Proprietary Geoscience

Combining expertise from the key disciplines of Seismic and Non-Seismic Geophysics, Structural Geology and petroleum geology.

GeoConsulting - Offshore Seeps

Offshore Seeps

Detection of active oil and gas seeps in frontier or under-explored basins to greatly reduce exploration risk
GeoConsulting - (old) Petrophysics


High quality log data audit, edit and archive, deterministic and probabilistic multi-mineral formation evaluation techniques, digital core analysis.

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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