Surface Geochemistry


Routine Rock, Oil Gas Analytical Services

A full spectrum of routine organic geochemical analyses is undertaken, from screening to GC-MS (biomarkers) and GCIRMS (compound-specific carbon isotopes) and optical maturity analyses (visual kerogen typing/spore colour & vitrinite reflectance).

surface geochemistry

Full support on analytical program design is provided in order to satisfy the client’s specific objectives.

  • Interpretation of data by geologists/geochemists on source rock potential and maturity, detection and characterisation of shows, oils and gases, as well as oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations.
  • Single-well and regional exploration studies and reservoir projects.

Proprietary and Non-Exclusive (Multi-client) Regional Studies

Robertson Geolab has produced numerous regional oil and source rock studies, on both a non-proprietary (multi-client) and exclusive basis. These have included both onshore and offshore well, outcrop and oils data. These data have been utilised in basin modelling and the production of fully integrated regional petroleum system evaluations. For the European theatre, Robertson Geolab also has extensive databases for both wells and oils, which are available in whole or in part, according to the client’s areas of interest.

While Robertson Geolab has undertaken many non-exclusive studies, we also offer a bespoke service that, with Robertson in the UK, provides comprehensive petroleum systems analysis. These regional studies can be tailored to include the assessment of the potential, maturities and generation states of kerogen and source rocks, the characterisation of oils and shows, oil-oil, oil-source rock correlation and basin modelling. These results provide an insight and explanation of the existing patterns and can be used to support further exploration decisions in a basin. The study results may also be integrated with the client’s geological data, as well as with surface geochemistry, if these are available. We are of course also available for consultation on the design and implementation of such surveys.

Package Solutions through Networking

Robertson Geolab offers even more comprehensive services via co-operative relationships, with e.g. Robertson . in the UK (source rock kinetics, basin modelling, biostratigraphy and sedimentology), NPA (satellite seep imagery), MicroPro GmbH (geo-microbial analyses for surface geochemical sediments) and Omegalink International Ltd. (heatflow measurements concurrent with surface geochemical sampling).

Supporting Environmental Analyses

Additional services that may be applied in tandem with surface geochemical surveys include analyses for organic pollutants (PAH, PCB and saturated/aromatic hydrocarbons) as well as inorganic (metals) pollutants in sediments or soils.

Quality Assurance Certification

The operations of Robertson Geolab are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Health, Safety Environment

Our sampling and analytical services are performed according to the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Robertson Geolab has been established for over 25 years, specialising in organic petroleum geochemistry analyses, interpretation and regional studies / data collation and sales, as applied to exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Surface Geochemical Surveys and Analyses

Robertson Geolab provides a complete package for shallow core surface geochemical exploration in detecting and characterising seeps. With over 20 years' experience, we have now taken over 3000 cores worldwide, from the tropics to the Arctic seas, using both gravity and vibracorers, and performed the complete range of gas and liquid hydrocarbon analyses and interpretation / mapping of the resulting data. The technique can also be combined with satellite seep imaging through NPA.

Also offered with the basic services are assistance in the initial selection / positioning of core sites, either from the client’s own data or released seismic data, as well as heatflow measurement concurrently with sampling. Surface geochemistry is an increasingly used exploration method, being particularly applicable to as yet little explored areas, or in reducing risks over prospect structures and leads.