Geological Static Modelling


CGG’s approach to reservoir modelling is first and foremost a pragmatic one, because we understand that a static model should not only honour input data, but it should also explain well and field behaviour. Integration of datasets from all supporting disciplines represents the key point of focus for our static and dynamic reservoir modelling teams. We gain much of our basic understanding of the reservoir and individual well performance by means of both basic and advanced analysis tools, long before we start building a 3D grid.

Our geologists understand the importance of dynamic measurements and are fully aligned towards the reservoir engineering team. All our world-class basic geological products, from attribute and inversion volumes to facies descriptions and petrophysical parameters are taken account of with one purpose in mind; to explain field and well performance. In this way, we stand out from the rest.

Areas of Expertise

  • Well-to-seismic correlation
  • Horizon / structure interpretation
  • Velocity modelling
  • Domain conversion
  • Seismic attribute modelling, structural modelling
  • Seismic inversion and integration with static models
  • Core data utilisation
  • Integration of dynamic data into static models
  • Sedimentological studies
  • Reservoir Layering for fine-scale and for simulation models
  • Stochastic and deterministic 3D reservoir modelling
  • Structural modelling
  • Well correlation
  • Characterisation of fractured reservoirs for flow simulation
  • Rock Type modelling, core based and neural network analysis
  • Facies modelling
  • Petrophysical modelling
  • Volumes calculation
  • Geostatistics, data and variogram analysis 
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
  • Upscaling for simulation
GeoConsulting - (old) Reservoir Characterization

Integrated Reservoir Characterization

Geophysicics, petrophysicists, geologists and engineers: a unique breadth of experience and capabilities.

GeoConsulting - (old) Petrophysics


High quality log data audit, edit and archive, deterministic and probabilistic multi-mineral formation evaluation techniques, digital core analysis.

GeoConsulting - Sedimentology


The Sedimentology unit's expertise extends to both clastic and carbonate facies, and includes the full spectrum of depositional environments.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Inversion

Seismic Inversion

Get the most out of your seismic volumes: we select the appropriate inversion to extract valuable reservoir information.

GeoConsulting - Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Building integrated geological static reservoir models for dynamic flow simulation.

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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