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"Perform quantitative semi-real-time rock property analyses at well site, core stores, field offices and the laboratory (circa 25 minutes sample preparation and analysis time).

Obtain measured and quantitative mineralogical data to better constrain petrophysical models, correlate wells and improve production efficiencies through optimized completions and geomechanical integration."

RoqSCAN™ is a cutting edge, fully portable automated mineralogical system that has been exclusively developed by CGG and Carl Zeiss. RoqSCAN™ combines powerful analysis with customized oil and gas interpretation software tools within a single turnkey solution and represents the most advanced field-based automated, quantitative and diagnostic mineralogical/rock properties tool currently on offer within the industry.

RoqSCAN™ is able to generate detailed textural datasets (pore system and grain relationship) at the micron and macro scale on cuttings (all drill bit types and in both oil based and water based mud systems from vertical and lateral wells) cores, side wall cores (SWC) and thin section samples from both conventional and unconventional resource plays.

Since its launch in 2011, RoqSCAN™ has been successfully deployed on oil and gas rig sites throughout North, Central and Latin America, Saudi Arabia, China and Europe.

In addition to well site operations, CGG's Technical Services Laboratory in Houston, Texas offers both hot shot and standard automated mineralogical analyses and other services including high resolution SEM imaging, porosity analysis from cuttings and organic geochemical analysis. To-date, CGG has completed laboratory projects from all of the major and most of the minor unconventional resource plays in the USA, Canada, Europe, North Africa, Middle East, China and Australia.

North American RoqSCAN™ experience

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Detailed Quantitative Analysis

RoqSCAN™ delivers detailed petrographic style analyses, through its non-destructive sample preparation technique, of drill cuttings, thin sections or cores, providing properties such as:

  • RoqSCAN™ pseudo GR.
  • Bulk Mineralogy (volume and weight %).
    • Quartz (detrital and biogenic).
    • Feldspar speciation .
    • Clay speciation.
    • Carbonate speciation.
    • Sulphates and Sulphides.
    • Heavy minerals.
    • Drilling contamination.
  • Elemental proxies to indicate euxinic depositional environments.
  • Pore data.
    • Porosity.
    • Pore Size Distribution.
    • Pore Aspect Ratio.
  • RoqFRAC™ — Mineralogical derived brittleness vs. ductility.
  • Rock Types — Mineralogically and texturally derived rock types for detailed vertical and lateral well characterization .

This real rock, quantitative RoqSCAN™ data is displayed in a downhole log, allowing for the integration and quantitative interpretation of both the vertical and lateral well.

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