RoqSCAN Applications


Delivers highly quantitative compositional and textural mineralogical data

The application of RoqSCAN™ delivers highly quantitative compositional and textural mineralogical data from drill cuttings or core pieces in real-time at or near the well site or in a laboratory setting.

This data can be used for the following:

  • Well site or near well site application
    • Vertical/Pilot wells chemostratigraphic tops, casing points, coring points, total depth.
  • Lateral wells – mineralogical geosteering
  • Real-Time brittleness vs. ductility calculation allows for the strategic location of fraccing stations along the lateral based on geological data, potentially reducing expense in the completion process by removing unnecessary stages and ensuring all stages contribute to overall production.
  • Validation of log data and spectroscopy tools (e.g. FLEx, ECS, GEM, Stingray)
  • Reservoir characterization from mineralogy, lithology and textural data linked to formations and tied to log data.
  • Chemostratigraphic correlation from elemental and mineralogical data
  • Organic matter elemental and mineralogical proxies (composition and texture) inferring presence or absence of organic matter.
  • Cuttings based spectral gamma curve for confidence in your cuttings to log correlation
  • Mineralogical rock property data (both compositional and textural e.g. aspect ratio, clay species form and abundance) can be used to aid and calibrate Petrophysical models in order to estimate key rock physics parameters that determine the reducibility of the reservoir (e.g. Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio).
  • The RoqSCAN data set can also be used to constrain attribute models in order to produce rock constrained key attribute maps and extrapolate key rock property variation across the play.
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