Roqscan Data Outputs


All data plotted as a downhole data summary chart incorporating additional well data if supplied by the client in the correct format (.las) and, in excel spread sheet format.

Mineralogical/elemental Deliverables

  • RoqSCAN™ spectral gamma (SGR) curve for QC against log data
  • Summary bulk mineralogy, bulk clay mineralogy, bulk carbonate mineralogy, bulk siliciclastic mineralogy (all volume %)
  • Individual mineral logs and clay species logs (all volume %)
  • Key heavy mineral logs (all volume %)
  • Key elemental* and elemental ratio* logs for lithology & provenance, marine indicators and redox & organic proxies
  • RoqSCAN™ high resolution BSE image (1 micron resolution, selected samples only).

*RoqSCAN™ can detect any element with an atomic number greater than or equal to 5 (Boron). Client can specify key elements for screening. If no element selection is provided by the client, Robertson will screen for the following 28 standard elements:

  • O
  • F
  • Na
  • Mg
  • Al
  • Si
  • P
  • S
  • Cl
  • K
  • Ca
  • Ti
  • V
  • Cr
  • Fe
  • Mn
  • Ni
  • Cu
  • Zn
  • Rb
  • Sr
  • Y
  • Zr
  • In
  • Ba
  • La
  • Th
  • U

Brittleness/ductility Deliverables

RoqFRAC™ curve to detect variations in mineralogical brittleness/ductility along the length of the borehole.

Textural Deliverables

RoqSCAN™ pore analysis data to include,

  • Porosity (%)
  • Pore size distribution (generally 1micron – 100 micron + distribution)
  • Pore aspect ratio (pore shape)
Backscatter electron image of cuttings particles
RoqSCAN™ mineral map of the cuttings particles with individual mineral grains identified by colour.

Vertical RoqSCAN™ Data Summary Log

RoqSCAN_summary_log The Data Summary Chart above is automatically updated as new samples are analyzed and can be streamed to clients directly from the well site, this chart is fully customizable to meet client’s needs.

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