Robertson offers an extensive range of petrophysical services to the petroleum industry, both in Europe and throughout the world. A proven track record in geology, stratigraphy and core analysis give Robertson an excellent foundation on which to base many of its specialised 'high-end' products. As a result all our petrophysicists possess a very strong geological background.

Services such as high quality log data audit, edit and archive, deterministic and probabilistic multi-mineral formation evaluation techniques, digital core analysis, FMI interpretation and AVO petrophysics, provide clients with support and assistance in optimising the search for, and production of hydrocarbons.


Robertson draws on a wealth of experience gained through years of management, processing and interpretation of the vast amounts of data produced within the industry. Robertson's skills and services are equally applicable to both large, multi-well field or basin analysis' as well as smaller more specialised projects which can be completed on a proprietary basis.

Our staff have a broad range of technical and petrophysical experience which covers a wide variety of geological, geophysical and engineering disciplines.

This catalogue highlights the broad skill base on which Robertson rests and the flexibility with regard to services, data formats and client specific products that Robertson offers.

Examples of the types of projects undertaken by Robertson Petrophysical staff include:

  • Log processing and interpretation (by Geolog6, Powerlog, Logic and IP etc).
  • Lithology identification and full formation evaluation (CPI), including thin bed, low resistivity and fractured reservoirs.
  • Special reservoir parameters studies by geostatistical or artificial neural network methods.
  • Integration of log, core, borehole image logs and core photographs.
  • Rock parameter studies and rock properties prediction (elastic moduli, P and S-wave velocities).
  • Reservoir pressure and temperature analysis for reservoir modelling and characterization.
  • Provision of petrophysical services and consultancy.
  • Training in petrophysical methods and techniques.
GeoConsulting - Geological Static Modelling

Geological Static Modelling

Well-to-seismic correlation, horizon / structure interpretation, velocity modelling, domain conversion, seismic attribute modelling, structural modelling and more.

GeoConsulting - (old) Reservoir Characterization

Integrated Reservoir Characterization

Geophysicics, petrophysicists, geologists and engineers: a unique breadth of experience and capabilities.

GeoConsulting - Reservoir Petrophysics

Reservoir Petrophysics

We link elastic and petrophysics properties to extract more value from seismic volumes.

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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