Structural Geology


Our experience is at all scales, from fractures in thin section, through core logging, in situ stress analysis, assessment of fault seal and fault displacement, section balancing, fieldwork in frontier regions, seismic interpretation, to global plate tectonic reconstructions.

Reservoir Scale

Reservoir scale services can be on a field-wide or core scale and often form part of an integrated reservoir modelling package involving the sedimentology, biostratigraphy and engineering arms of Robertson. Structural Geology's input could include:

  • Analysis of natural or coring induced fractures, with particular experience in fractured carbonate reservoirs
  • Structural/diagenetic history integration
  • In situ stress analysis
  • Fault seal and displacement analysis

Regional Scale

Regional scale structural services span a wider range and include such things as:

  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation
  • Interpretation of potential fields and remote sensing datasets
  • Cross-section construction, balancing and validation
  • Subsidence history modelling
  • Plate tectonic reconstruction
  • Fully integrated basin evolution models in conjunction with geochemistry and biostratigraphy

Fieldwork Studies

Geological mapping can be one of the key sources of information in frontier and mountainous areas, where seismic acquisition is difficult and the geology complex. It is an often-overlooked exploration tool, especially in these days of modern seismic and remote sensing data. Analysis of samples collected during fieldwork can provide a wealth of information, which can be integrated into the fieldwork study.

Fieldwork can be particularly valuable in:

  • Reconnaissance and detailed geological mapping
  • Prospect mapping
  • Pre-seismic surveys
  • Focused sampling for further analysis

Robertson's structural geologists have had recent field experience in a wide variety of countries including Georgia, Ukraine, Algeria, Morocco, Namibia, Gabon, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Egypt, Oman, Laos, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Norway, the UK and the Alps.

GeoConsulting - Biostratigraphy


Wellsite and routine stratigraphic services (micropalaeontology, palynology and nannofossils), high resolution reservoir stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphic evaluation and more.

GeoConsulting - Geochemistry


Our Geochemistry services range from routine source rock and maturity analyses through oil, condensate and gas characterisation and migration modelling.

GeoConsulting - Plate Wizard

Plate Wizard

Detailed mapping of the Earth's crust, incorporating geophysical, seismic and structural datasets that redefine the continent-ocean boundary, to allow accurate positioning of plate boundaries

GeoConsulting - Robertson


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