Geophysical Services


An Advanced Reservoir Toolbox

The CGG GeoConsulting group combines an advanced reservoir toolbox, specialized expertise in a wide range of geo-technical disciplines, and years of experience in the major hydrocarbon basins around the world to help our clients qualify and quantify their reservoirs.


Seismic Petrophysics and Rock Physics Modeling

CGG Seismic Petrophysics workflows involve calibrating seismic data and seismic attributes with well measurements and rock physics knowledge, resulting in meaningful reservoir descriptions such as lithology, porosity or fluid type.


Seismic Reservoir Processes and Technologies

We provide integrated reservoir characterization services utilizing pioneering seismic reservoir characterization technologies developed by our dedicated Research and Development group, along with our HampsonRussell, Jason and InsightEarth software teams.


Seismic Interpretation and Analysis

CGG GeoConsulting helps our clients mitigate exploration risk with an independent and unbiased analysis of their leads, prospects or field development plans. Each scope of work is unique to the geologic and data challenges, and the goals of the customer.


Integrated Reservoir Characterization

CGG GeoConsulting teams build on their years of experience to develop workflows for specific reservoir challenges. Comprehensive and cross-discipline, these workflows take full advantage of the advanced technologies developed by CGG.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Inversion

Seismic Inversion

Get the most out of your seismic volumes: we select the appropriate inversion to extract valuable reservoir information.

GeoConsulting - Lithologies

Lithologies and Facies Classification

Defining rocks of interest and building a better understanding of the depositional environments.

GeoConsulting - Reservoir Petrophysics

Reservoir Petrophysics

We link elastic and petrophysics properties to extract more value from seismic volumes.

GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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