Reservoir Characterization


Industry-leading capability ranging from frontier exploration to development planning and production

Understanding reservoirs is fundamental across the oil and gas workflow, from frontier exploration to development planning and production. CGG GeoConsulting provide a range of industry-leading capability across this spectrum, from geological, through seismic to geomechanical reservoir chacterization.

Powered by the leading tools in seismic reservoir characterization, and supported by an expert team of geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists and engineers, CGG GeoConsulting provides a unique breadth of experience and capability to help solve our clients reservoir needs.

Reservoir characterization in most exploration and development contexts has three main fundamental goals;

  • Identify reservoir intervals
  • Predict subsurface properties
  • Monitor reservoir production

Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Identify reservoir intervals

  • DHI, AVO, Seismic inversions

Predict subsurface properties

  • Petrophysical – Rock Physics
  • Seismic inversion

Monitor reservoir production

  • 4D acquisition: repeated surveys, permanent monitoring
  • Active / Passive seismic

Geological Reservoir Characterization

Identify reservoir intervals

  • Conceptual and predictive models
  • Rock interpretation (sedimentology / stratigraphy)
  • Facies interpretation & log analysis

Quantify subsurface properties

  • Petrophysics, Rock Physics
  • CCA, SCAL, Automated Mineralogy, petrography etc
  • Monitor reservoir production

Geomechanical Reservoir Characterization

Identify geomechanical materials

  • 1D MEM > 3D MEM
  • Geomechanical lab studies
  • Integrate log, lab and 3D seismic Characterization
  • Complex material behavior

Predict geomechanical effects

  • Compaction and Subsidence
  • Fracturing and containment
  • Induced seismicity

Monitor geomechanical effects (deformations, fracuring, containment)

  • 4D acquisition: repeated surveys, permanent monitoring
  • Active / Passive seismic
  • Reservoir performance
  • Logging

Integrated Reservoir Characterization

Integrated Reservoir Characterization Arrow

Seismic Reservoir Characterization built on reservoir driven processing with CGGs full range of tools, workflows and methodologies.

Geological Reservoir Characterization

Geological analysis at the front end"

  • Provide context
  • Improve inputs to ALL inversion workflows
  • Core petrophysics for log calibration
  • Biostratigraphy for layering
  • Sedimentology


Geological analysis at the back end"

  • QC inversion results
  • Iterate to improve reservoir characterization
  • Provide basis for sub-seismic population

Model Build & Engineering

Validation in the static and dynamic model"

  • Populate static reservoir model
  • Improved dynamic models

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Time-lapse simulator-to-seismic study - Forti...

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Reservoir connectivity uncertainty from stoch...

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Integrating surface seismic, microseismic, ro...

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GeoConsulting - Geological Static Modelling

Geological Static Modelling

Well-to-seismic correlation, horizon / structure interpretation, velocity modelling, domain conversion, seismic attribute modelling, structural modelling and more.

GeoConsulting - Reservoir Petrophysics

Reservoir Petrophysics

We link elastic and petrophysics properties to extract more value from seismic volumes.

GeoConsulting - Engineering and Economics

Engineering and Economics

Providing business solutions at an asset and company level to all participants in the exploration, development and production value chain.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Inversion

Seismic Inversion

Get the most out of your seismic volumes: we select the appropriate inversion to extract valuable reservoir information.

GeoConsulting - Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Building integrated geological static reservoir models for dynamic flow simulation.

GeoConsulting - Fracture Characterization

Fracture Characterization

Characterizing fractured reservoirs from seismic volumes.

GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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