Although repeatability of source and receiver locations is generally easier to achieve onshore than offshore, the variations caused by changes in near-surface can be significantly larger than the 4D signal, making onshore 4D seismic acquisition and repeatability challenging.

As 4D reservoir monitoring is becomes increasingly more important for field development, operators aim to understand the behavior of the reservoir over time, to map the migration paths of hydrocarbons and improve the performance of reservoir stimulation.

4D land gathers 4D land data gathers

Our Services

CGG can plan the initial baseline survey taking account of the expected changes in the near-surface, as well as the reservoir, to ensure a usable 4D signature is obtained. As a leader in reservoir monitoring technology and methods, we can design, acquire, process and interpret a fully-integrated 4D program from inception to completion.

For permanent reservoir monitoring (using both active and passive seismic), we recommend our proprietary SeisMovie solution. SeisMovie uses permanent buried sources and sensors to ensure excellent repeatability and coupling, and is ideally used for heavy oil, gas and CO2 sequestration.

For passive monitoring, we offer shallow buried arrays or (when an observation well is available) deep sensors provided through Magnitude, a joint venture between CGG and Baker Hughes, for the detection, location and characterization of microseismic events.


4D Seismic - Land Microseismic monitoring during hydraulic fracture stimulation
  • Comprehensive reservoir monitoring solutions including feasibility studies, survey design, acquisition, processing, interpretation and reservoir modeling
  • Capacity to perform surface 4D acquisition or permanent reservoir monitoring using our proprietary SeisMovie technology
  • Ability to QC, pre-process data automatically in field and perform the full processing sequence including proprietary noise/multiple attenuation, advanced statics/velocity analysis and time imaging
  • Leader in processing and interpretation of 4D seismic data
  • Dedicated team to deliver microseismic monitoring services during hydraulic fracture stimulation

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GeoConsulting - Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir Monitoring

Realize the full value of your 4D data with petrophysically constrained inversions. Gain insight into fluid movements and geomechanical effects. We are time-lapse data experts.
Onshore - SeisMovie


Optimize enhanced oil recovery. Continuous, high-resolution onshore monitoring. Unparalleled sensitivity and repeatability. Remote autonomous operation. Understand reservoir dynamics.

Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
Subsurface Imaging - Vector Offset Output

Vector Offset Output

Use only the illuminating parts of your dataset, discard the noise, for improved images in complex areas.

GeoConsulting - Surface Deformation InSAR

Surface Deformation (InSAR)

Precise, remote monitoring of surface deformation for geohazard delineation and production monitoring for onshore fields.
Offshore - Broadband 4D

Broadband 4D

A toolbox of 4D broadband options, including ultra-high frequency BroadSource, all forward and backward compatible with all other 4D solutions
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