Reservoir Petrophysics


Reservoir petrophysics involves accurately calculating water saturation, porosity, and permeability properties in the formation of interest through multiple wells in a field. This information is obtained through evaluation of wireline logs and/or core data (if available). These formation properties can then be extrapolated through a well based geologic model and/or a seismically driven geologic model to help define the next location to drill and/or to simulate the reservoir to optimize production.

Reservoir PetroWell correlation displaying, from left track to right track, gamma ray, true vertical depth, measured depth, deep resistivity, petrophysical interpretation and facies classification.

Reservoir Petro Image 2Well based geologic model displaying porosity interpolated from wells.

4-D Petrophysical seismic inversion on the Tr...

Annelin Norenes Haaland | Kristian Gjerding | Norunn Skjei |...
©2008 EAGE

3D AVO and Seismic Inversion in María Inés Oe...

Juan Soldo | Diego Lenge | Mario Sigismondi | Augustos. Tell...
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Global 4-D seismic inversion and time-lapse f...

Yves Lafet | Benjamin Roure | Philippe Doyen | Haavard Buran
©2009 SEG
GeoConsulting - Lithologies

Lithologies and Facies Classification

Defining rocks of interest and building a better understanding of the depositional environments.

GeoConsulting - Seismic Inversion

Seismic Inversion

Get the most out of your seismic volumes: we select the appropriate inversion to extract valuable reservoir information.

GeoConsulting - Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir Monitoring

Realize the full value of your 4D data with petrophysically constrained inversions. Gain insight into fluid movements and geomechanical effects. We are time-lapse data experts.
GeoConsulting - Petrophysics


High quality log data audit, edit and archive, deterministic and probabilistic multi-mineral formation evaluation techniques, digital core analysis.

Data Management - Formation Description Logs

Formation Description Logs

Maximize your well intelligence. Use our expert petrophysicists for the most accurate analysis of well lithology, porosity and fluids.

GeoSoftware - PowerLog


The benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. Collaborative multi-well log analysis made easy for better drilling decisions.

GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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