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Production rates can be highly variable across shale plays, so adopting an approach that incorporates a more thorough understanding of the reservoir and being able to zoom in on the most lucrative opportunities is key. Building a robust geological framework which integrates all the relevant data will allow you to high-grade prospects and acreage, identify hazards and mitigate risk through the exploration & appraisal cycle.


We use all the legacy geological & geophysical information available to aid the design of a reservoir-oriented survey that will yield high-quality data customized to the requirements of your shale acreage. With advanced planning, we can acquire the optimum data for reservoir characterization and ‘sweet spot’ identification.

Our integrated scientific approach includes:


Expertise in all aspects of Land Acquisition

Airborne Multi-Physics:


Subsurface Imaging

Shale Science Alliance

Neil Peake

Noise and Repeatability in Airborne Gravity G...

Asbjorn Norlund Christensen | Mark Dransfield | Christopher ...
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Converted-wave Time Imaging ? Nuts and Bolts

Shaowu Wang | Thomas Hollis | Wayne Nowry
GeoConsulting - Automated Mineralogy

Automated Mineralogy

Providing nano-metre scale digital imaging, and micron resolution digital petrographic analysis.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® Plus

Falcon® Plus

Depend on the world’s lowest-noise gravity gradiometer designed specifically for airborne use to deliver high quality gravity data.
Subsurface Imaging - SWANA


Remove ground roll, surface waves and guided waves, automatically adapted to changing conditions across the survey area.

GeoConsulting - Geophysical Services (SRC)


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