Software Updates

Software Updates

Our software solutions help you better understand your reservoir and reduce risk in exploration and development decisions. Building on the 2015 major releases, 2016 continues to be a year of innovation with new releases from the GeoSoftware portfolio, further integrating geoscience disciplines.

Focused on technology innovation, workflow integration and ease of use, the new releases enable oil and gas companies to better understand and characterize the Earth's subsurface.

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Whether your technical discipline is geophysics, geology, petrophysics or reservoir engineering, new GeoSoftware capabilities provide fresh insights into the most complex subsurface challenges globally in all types of reservoirs.

New approaches to overcome technical and economic uncertainties were key factors in developing the latest versions of our software. Significant improvements include more streamlined and interactive velocity calibration, improved stability for broadband wavelet estimation, a new borehole schematics tool, new features for attribute extraction and prediction along horizontal wells, better pore pressure prediction, updated Rock Physics and Anisotropic Inversion capabilities, and further integration within the GeoSoftware platform.

Select the brands below to learn about the many new features within the GeoSoftware portfolio

HampsonRussell 10.2 | November 2016:

New features in HampsonRussell 10.2 help extract and predict attributes along horizontal wells and provide better workflows for greater productivity with new data conditioning, inversion and map prediction features. The 10.2 release contains various improvements to Gather Conditioning, Strata, Pro4D, GeoSI, RockSI and other modules. These enhanced capabilities reflect a commitment to continually improve reservoir characterization technologies for all geoscientists.

MapPredict: Formerly ISMap 

  • New map-based geostatistical tool for integrating well and seismic attribute data into detailed maps
  • Fully integrated, easy-to-use 
  • Maintenance upgrade to existing licensees of ISMap
  • Significant improvements that will increase ease and usefulness 

New analysis capabilities in AVO, Strata and Emerge

AVO and ProAZ data conditioning enhancements for better processes

  • Improved data conditioning with isotropic or azimuthal NMO
  • Fxy Deconvolution and Spectral Balancing processes
HampsonRussell 10.2 offers faster seismic data loading, improved accuracy for offset to angle computation, easier comparison of inversion results, and more! For specific questions about what's new in HampsonRussell, or request a demo:  Contact us.

HampsonRussell 10.1 | March 2016:

New features for seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization, including better workflows for added value. Exciting new capabilities include:

  • Interactive AVO Quick modeling
  • Easier quality control for automated testing of inversion parameters to achieve faster inversion results
  • Additional crossplotting functions for zone cluster analysis and display of rock physics templates, together with interactive display of zones throughout seismic volumes
  • Import from Petrel 2015 of well, horizon and seismic data

To learn more about the new features in HRS 10.1, watch our recorded webinar.

Now Available Jason 9.6 | October 2016:

New technology brings greater ease-of-use, reliability and performance ̶ fewer mouse clicks to get more work done. Here are several highlights for version 9.6:

New Model Constraints in Anisotropic Inversion

  • Critical outputs such as fracture density and rock weaknesses process
  • Anisotropy magnitude and stress / fracture orientation

More streamlined and interactive velocity calibration to wells in Depth Inversion

  • Calibrated velocities assigned to files or directories
  • DepthMod Maintenance upgrade for VelMod

Next generation wavelet estimation for complex situations

  • Multi-Stack Wavelets for AVO inversion ̶ wavelets for all stacks and all wells simultaneously
  • Improved stability for broadband wavelet estimation

Geostatistical inversion supports use of seismic data in depth

  • Direct input of depth seismic now available in StatMod and RockMod

New theoretical models for more flexibility and expert use of Rock Physics software

  • Differential Effective Medium (DEM)
  • Self-Consistent Approximation (SCA)

More quantitative reserves estimates in Facies and Fluids Probabilities (FFP)

  • Results meaningful to all disciplines
  • More accurate risk assessments
  • Bayesian-based facies interpretation

For specific questions about what's new in Jason, or request a demo:  Contact us.

To learn more about Jason advanced seismic reservoir characterization:

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Jason 9.5 | May 2016

New technology in the Jason 9.5 release offers better usability and performance for advanced reservoir characterization.

  • Anisotropic inversion analysis technology delivering anisotropy property estimates calibrated to well control, crucial for effective well design and optimum production
  • Unique depth inversion technology allows direct use of depth seismic in well tie, wavelet estimation and inversion processes to deliver results calibrated to the well depth
  • Multi-stack, multi-well wavelet estimation for more stable wavelets
  • Centralized synthetics capabilities, including full waveform and anisotropic synthetics
  • More predictive reservoir models for dynamic modeling and simulation through the use of 3D facies probability trend models

Register for our on-demand webinar and learn more about the latest developments in Jason 9.5

Now available InsightEarth 3.1 | September 2016:

High-impact improvements in structural and stratigraphic interpretation capabilities enable oil company interpretation teams to deliver more accurate interpretations with fewer people in less time. InsightEarth 3.1 offers intuitive and simplified interfaces and processes for better user experience. Here are a few of the new features:

Interactive Dip Angle Measurement in FaultFractureSpark

  • Measure a value for minimum and maximum dip angles as input to the Automatic Fault Enhanced process.

Curtain and Basal Slices from a Point Set 

  • New functionality provides the ability to sketch an additional specific type of slice into a point set that describes the slice’s desired path.

New Data Visibility Options

  • Filter Faults by Horizons constrains the display of faults in the 3D display to a specific interval/formation defined by a top and bottom horizon. Filter data by intersection constrains the display of objects in the 3D display to an intersection with a specific horizon, fault, geobody or well.

Batch Processing for Footprint Removal

  • Batch Footprint Removal is a new addition to the Coherent Noise Removal process. It provides a method to remove multiple wavelengths and orientations of coherent noise by configuring and running a single process.

​To learn more about InsightEarth advanced interpretation solutions:

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InsightEarth 3.0.2 | March 2016:

  • Generate powerful outcomes quickly with faster workflows to re-work legacy datasets for missed opportunities.
  • Produce on-the-spot answers for quick decisions with significantly improved Advanced Fault Enhancement tools for easier measuring of angles, dips, and strikes in real time.
  • Create projects quickly with fewer steps and easily access visible windows during each stage.
    Quickly view and understand the value range within volumes with customizable color bars.
  • Pinpoint areas of interest, streamline collaboration within interpretation teams and yield greater geological knowledge from seismic data with new stratigraphic interpretation capabilities.
  • Execute workflows in minutes rather than days.

For specific questions about what's new in InsightEarth, or request a demo:   Contact us.

Now Available EarthModel FT 9.6 | October 2016

Building on the user experience capabilities and streamlined workflows of 9.5, EarthModel FT 9.6 enhancements include:

  • Improved project efficiency
  • Availability on Linux (9.5.1) 

To learn more about GeoSoftware’s comprehensive geological modeling software:

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EarthModel FT 9.5 | May 2016

The latest version of our comprehensive geological modeling software streamlines workflows with a more flexible capabilities:

  • New intuitive, user friendly interface
  • Save time and effort − new unified Petrel Plugin streamlines the process of moving data between applications in a single module
  • Complete workflows without transferring back and forth between systems – now on Linux using WINE 9.5.x
  • Create Sandboxes, or subsets of projects for flexibility
    • Transfer new interpretations or data intelligently
    • Work remotely at client site, home, or well location, then transfer back to base product
  • Plus, numerous other improvements and enhancements

For specific questions about what's new in EarthModel FT, or request a demo:   Contact us.

Now Available PowerLog 9.6 | October 2016

Introducing an exciting PowerLog release ̶ 9.6 brings important new functionality to enable more flexible petrophysical workflows:

New borehole schematics tool

  • Easy to learn and use interface allows for interactive display and editing capabilities to aid in designing and visualizing 
  • completion scenarios
  • Casing, tubing, plugs, packers, and perforations are a few
  • Aids in designing and visualizing planning workovers and completion scenarios

Interactive Crossplot Gameboards 

  • Quickly and accurately determine Rw, a, m, and n values, as well as other critical log analysis parameters, through multiple crossplots actively responding to changes in input values
  • Single format window controls all plots, both single well and multiple well views
  • Adjustable scrolling sets parameters easily

Multi-level Array Data user programs 

  • Allows greater value from your 2D digital data 
  • Writes programs to analyze NMR data full waveform sonic data, image logs, and other types of 2D data   
  • Same interface and Visual Basic scripting that makes user programs one of the most popular and useful tools in PowerLog
  • New image data enhancement user program included

Anisotropic Stress and Strain Determination for FracRAT module

  • New anisotropic stress module handles anisotropic stress and strain as well as basic isotropic stress
  • Generates anisotropic elastic properties as well as all critical stiffness coefficients essential in 3D modeling and simulation

Gameboards, borehole schematics, and array data user programs are part of basic PowerLog and will be provided to all clients current on maintenance. Anisotropic stress will be provided to all users with FracRAT.

For information on PowerLog’s petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy capabilities:

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PowerLog 9.5 | May 2016

PowerLog 9.5 includes new features for better data management, improved asset team collaboration and streamlined workflows. One of the richest petrophysical applications in the industry, PowerLog provides flexible petrophysical workflows. New features include:

  • Major CrossPlot enhancements – zoom in and out, automatic posting of regression equations
  • Pore Pressure Analysis for engineers, petrophysicists, and geologists – enhance understanding of your reservoir
  • FracRAT for unconventional shale
  • Rock Physics Module – xu-payne for carbonate reservoir

For specific questions about what's new in PowerLog, or request a demo:   Contact us.

Now Available VelPro 9.6 | October 2016 

VelPro's ease of use, flexibility and scalability helps interpreters and depth conversion experts build high-quality velocity models in record time. Here are the enhancements in VelPro 9.6:

Improved usability for pore pressure prediction 

  • Improved usability for pore pressure prediction enables the use of 3D seismic to examine how pressure changes with respect to structure and stratigraphy
  • Allows the user to interact with the selected data in the pore pressure prediction module 

New Density Equation Fitting Module 

  • Compares density and sonic well log data 
  • Improves density volumes used to generate pore pressure volumes

New Concordance Layer Specifier 

  • Stratigraphically controls the velocity or calibration volume gridding: Concordant to Both, Concordant to Top, Concordant to Base

To learn more about VelPro’s velocity modeling capabilities:

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VelPro 9.5 | April 2016

VelPro's ease of use, flexibility & scalability helps interpreters and depth conversion experts build high-quality velocity models in record time. Now VelPro integrates with the GeoSoftware portfolio, making it easier for clients to install and use it in combination with other GeoSoftware products.

  • Connect to a GeoSoftware Project and read data from CDM, Jason Workbench
  • Time/Depth convert Jason Horizons, Faults and Mods using VelPro velocity models
  • Export Velocity Volumes to SEGY in Jason or HampsonRussell format
  • Improved User Experience on Well Data Editor
  • Works well within existing software environments

For specific questions about what's new in VelPro, or request a demo:   Contact us.

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Your software investment is an integral part of your productivity. It is extremely important for you to remain current with the latest technology.  Contact us to be sure you have the latest version.

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