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Upcoming Webinars

GeoSoftware offers a free webinar series to help you overcome your challenges and better understand our technologies. Hosted by experts in their fields, the webinars cover a number of timely topics relevant to geophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers and more.

Upcoming Live Webinar Schedule

To attend our live webinars, simply click on the webinar title and fill-in the registration form:

02-May 2017 Advanced Volume Attributes in HampsonRussell: Improve Your Data Quality and Delineate Geological Features 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CEST 
23-May 2017 Seismic Data Conditioning Tools 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CEST
27-June 2017 Seismic attributes in GeoSoftware Applications 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CEST

On-Demand Webinars

Learn new geoscience techniques to solve industry challenges ̶ on your own time. The following on-demand webinars cover product overviews and new release information, along with topics for the entire journey from exploration and development to life of field production management.

Brand Overviews, New Release and Maintenance Information

HampsonRussell 10.1 New Features  (Russian)  View Webinar  
What's New in PowerLog 9.5 (Russian)  View Webinar
Overview of the Latest Developments in Jason 9.5  View Webinar
HRS10.1 Updates  View Webinar
Discover all the Hidden Treasures in Jason Workbench  View Webinar
Delivering Value for Maintenance - HRS10 New Features  View Webinar
A 360º Tour of the Jason Workbench  View Webinar
HampsonRussell 10.1 New Features (Russian Language)  View Webinar
Overview of the Latest Developments in Jason 9.6 (Russian Language)   View Webinar

Velocity Modeling

Pore Pressure Prediction in VelPro  View Webinar
Robust and Data-Driven Velocity Modeling  View Webinar
Discover VelPro: Velocity Modeling and Time to Depth Conversion  View Webinar

Advanced Seismic Interpretation

Reveal Hidden Geological Information and De-risk Your Drilling Decisions   View Webinar
Accelerate your Interpretation with InsightEarth  View Webinar
 Remove Footprint Noise from Seismic Data with Ignition  View Webinar


Enhancing Geologists' Workflow with Petrophysics  View Webinar
PowerLog for Geologists  View Webinar
A 360º Tour of PowerLog  View Webinar
Solving Thin-layered Reservoir Problems with PowerLog LSSA (Russian Language)   View Webinar
FracRAT: a New Module for Geomechanical Properties Evaluation in PowerLog (Russian Language)   View Webinar

Rock Physics

Overview of HampsonRussell RockSI Module  View Webinar

Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling Constrained with Seismic  View Webinar  
Inversion of Depth Seismic  View Webinar
Get More Value Out of Your Seismic Data  View Webinar
Broadband Seismic Wavelets Estimation Enhancements  View Webinar
Lithology Probability Prediction with HampsonRussell LithoSI  View Webinar
Multi-Scenario Approach for Realistic Uncertainty Quantification in Geostatistical Inversion  View Webinar
Speed Up HampsonRussell with VelPro  View Webinar
Focus on the Most Promising Areas by Using Simultaneous AVA/AVO Inversion  View Webinar
Improve Your Drilling Success Using Facies & Fluid Probabilities (FFP)  View Webinar
Uncertainty Quantification in Deterministic Inversion: Technology for Reservoir Risk Assessment   View Webinar
Geostatistical Inversion: Jason RockMod for Carbonate Reservoirs Characterization (Russian)  View Webinar
Seismic Data Alignment in HampsonRussell and Jason  View Webinar
4D Seismic Reservoir Characterization  View Webinar
Measuring Uncertainty with Stochastic Inversion  View Webinar
Low Frequency Model Building  View Webinar
Overview of HampsonRussell GeoSI Module  View Webinar
Broadband Seismic Inversion for Improved Reservoir Characterization  View Webinar
Anisotropy Inversion in Jason  View Webinar
The HampsonRussell Trio: GeoSI, LithoSI and RockSI  View Webinar
Preparing Data for Azimuthal AVO-Analysis with HampsonRussell ProAZ (Russian Language)   View Webinar
Building a Perfect Reservoir Model Using Seismic Data and Geostatistical Modeling (Russian Language)  View Webinar

Geological Modeling

EarthModelBuilder for Affordable Reservoir Modeling  View Webinar
EarthModel FT Reservoir Modeling  View Webinar

Reservoir Engineering

PowerLog for Reservoir Engineers  View Webinar
A Frac Simulation Workflow: Addressing the Needs of Engineers  View Webinar