Complementing our geophysical multiclient datasets, CGG have a rich suite of geological multiclient products that covers virtually all geological and geoscience disciplines and with a truly global footprint (further information available through our GeoStore). These datasets include a legacy of more than 50 years of Robertson regional geological reports, being added to on a continuous basis, with new studies targeted at addressing today emerging exploration challenges.

The regional reports are augmented by a range of subscription products, ranging from exploration focused databases, through cutting edge predictive tools to innovative analogue products. With additional multiclient geological data from our NPA Satellite Mapping group, from GeoSpec and our Data Management group, CGG offer an unrivaled multiclient library.

New project development is increasingly multidisciplinary in nature, supporting the full scope of CGGs capabilities, and offers effective and innovative datasets and insights to keep exploration moving in today's challenging environments.


The definitive exploration database

Built on a rich and evolving heritage of more than 50 years involvement in the global exploration business. Supported by a dedicated team of experienced geoscientists and benefiting from Robertsons unique database. Fully GIS enabled and with web delivery options.

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The edge in exploration

A unique collaboration between the leading provider of global sub-surface play fairway data and the leader in above ground valuation and economics to provide invaluable insight on exploration volumes and values.

The tightening of budgets has triggered a shift towards a strategy emphasising value over volume.

are you ready to compete? Understand where you should look and where you shouldn't.

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