Reservoir Analogues: ERGO


Online database of reservoir analogues and knowledgebase of geological information

ERGO is an online database of reservoir analogues and knowledgebase of geological information designed to help development and exploration users produce more realistic reservoir models and geological interpretations.

The ERGO database can be filtered by uniquely derived attributes to select the most appropriate reservoir analogue data for input into modelling software or geological interpretations.

The ERGO knowledgebase is a rich and fully searchable resource designed to refresh and improve knowledge of depositional environments, reservoir geology, and reservoir modelling.

ERGO is divided into a suite of subscription products providing access to different analogue information. ERGO subscriptions are global, allowing access for all company users to all completed ERGO environments.

ERGO Portal

ERGO Clastics

ERGO Carbonates

ERGO Fractures

In development

ERGO Fields

If you are part of a subscriber company and would like to gain access to ERGO, or you would like to register interest in a product, please register details on the following page:


To find out more or arrange a presentation, demonstration, or evaluation of any ERGO product, please use the contact details on this page.

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The Sedimentology unit's expertise extends to both clastic and carbonate facies, and includes the full spectrum of depositional environments.

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