Plate Reconstruction: Plate Wizard

  • A new global, high-resolution, dynamic plate tectonic model for the Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Palaeozoic (0 to 440 Ma).
  • The 2014 Plate Wizard release includes a major revision to Southeast Asia and updates to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico regions.
  • Accurately reconstructs the position and interaction of the Earth's tectonic plates and geological datasets.
  • Deformable plates method - ability to deform plates to reduce overlap and under-fit problems.

Plate Wizard provides the following:

  • A new unique, globally coherent set of continent-ocean boundary definitions.
  • An ArcGIS extension that allows users to reconstruct the palaeopositions of the Earth's plates and associated datasets.
  • A unique deformable plate model for the passive margins of the Atlantic and southern Australia.

The Plate Wizard model is based on detailed mapping of the Earth's crust incorporating geophysical, seismic and structural datasets that redefine the continent-ocean boundary, to allow accurate positioning of plate boundaries.

Plate Wizard possesses a complex rotation file based on a hypothetical fixed hotspot reference frame and during the Palaeozoic, a palaeo-magnetic reference frame which controls the movements of the plates.

Plate Wizard is used for:

  • Understanding depositional environments
  • Defining basin shape, form and evolution

Plate Wizard forms the basis of palaeogeographic mapping for:

  • Modelling climate/palaeo-Earth systems
  • Predicting source facies, sediment transport/reservoir facies
  • Assessing timing of deformation and trap development
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