Regional Studies: Red Books


Robertson has experience in virtually every hydrocarbon basin in the world, and has access to an extensive database of regional data and interpretations.

Our library has over 500 Red Book reports, ranging from global thematic studies to regional or country review studies based on publicly available literature, through to comprehensive geological or integrated multi-disciplinary studies based on original data generated by Robertson.

Currently, our Red Books cover more than 120 countries worldwide and over the past 50 years, Robertson has established successful relationships with Ministries, National Oil Companies, Universities, Geological Institutes and other relevant organizations worldwide.


Red Book studies provide our clients with new data sets and interpretations and enable you to make faster and more informed decisions when evaluating new opportunities. Typically, our studies consist of a comprehensive text document, supported by a suite of enclosures, including well logs, plate reconstructions and paleogeographies, hydrocarbon occurrence maps, facies maps; structural elements maps, source rock distribution and maturity maps, and play fairway maps.

Red Book studies are delivered in hard copy as well as fully digital including sample and control point databases and ArcGIS maps. Our Red Books will be available in our Web Portal.

Robertson's Multi Client studies and data sets have been acquired by virtually every oil company involved in international oil and gas exploration and production. To find out more about our current projects or to enquire about studies your company may have already licensed, please contact us.

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Extensive play fairway and petroleum system database. Tellus supports faster decisions, giving you the competitive edge in licensing rounds.
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