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Reduce uncertainty in oil exploration with the industry's leading global onshore and offshore seepage database.

Seep Explorer

Seep Explorer has recently been launched following the combination of the following datasets:

  • GLOGOS (Global Onshore Gas-Oil Seeps data set), from Gas Consult
  • Offshore Seeps - NPA's Global Offshore Seepage Database (GOSD)
  • Robertson's Frogi (onshore seeps layer)
  • NPA’s Fluid Features Database (FFD).

Global Offshore Seepage Database

The main component of Seep Explorer is NPA's Global Offshore Seeps Database (GOSD). GOSD provides:

  • The world’s leading offshore oil seepage database
  • A valuable first indication of source presence
  • A proven effectiveness in both established and frontier basins
  • A low cost and non-invasive satellite imagery based database

NPA’s offshore seepage detection technique utilises satellite radar images to detect naturally occurring oil seepage in a variety of offshore settings, including untested offshore frontier basins. This technique led to the development of GOSD, which has rapidly become the industry standard with support from the majority of the world’s oil companies.

GOSD contains over 25,000 individual SAR scenes that cover 90% of the world’s offshore sedimentary basins.

Main components of GOSD provides:

  • Multiple coverage
  • Full weather screening
  • Global consistency
  • New high resolution satellite data
  • Standardized GIS deliverables
  • Online Web Portal 

The primary application of GOSD is for new ventures exploration; however it also has a major role to play in offshore pollution monitoring and environmental benchmarking.

Fluid Features Database

The Fluid Features Database (FFD) was designed to provide an additional dataset for offshore assessment of slicks recorded in the GOSD. FFD is rapidly expanding with over ~20,000 attributed data points covering all features with a potential relationship to seepage.

Robertsons’s FRogi (seeps only)

Robertson’s FRogi Database provides an extensive geochemical database from oils, rocks and seep sites with a consistent tool for displaying and understanding the geochemical data. The seep site layer from FRogi has been incorporated into Seep explorer.

 Read more details on FRogi.


The Global Onshore Gas-Oil Seeps data set (GLOGOS) was a recent acquisition by CGG from Gas Consult. GLOGOS provides an additional 2000 onshore seeps from 87 countries, based on direct research (published data) and extensive literature and internet web survey. Seeps are classified in gas seeps, oil seeps, mud volcanoes and springs.

Seep Explorer provides the Worlds most extensive on and offshore seepage database, containing:

  • 200,000 slicks of a possible seepage origin
  • 30,000 attributed reference points
  • Geochemistry information for various onshore locations

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