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Welcome to Tellus, Robertson's extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Tellus is designed to provide New Ventures groups and explorationists with a comprehensive and consistent tool for understanding play and basin scale petroleum geology worldwide.

Data for each Tellus region are accessed via a bespoke ArcGIS extension which allows the user to view, manipulate, query and output maps, graphic and tabular information. To date, over 500 basins worldwide have been compiled into the vast dataset.


At the NOC level, Tellus can assist in the delineation of blocks for licensing, applying benchmarks and the evaluation of oil-company bids while rapidly gaining an understanding of the petroleum geology in areas outside national boundaries.

As a review and evaluation tool, Tellus helps to shorten the decision making process and provides a consistent synthesis both of the published literature and Robertson's non-exclusive library together with a clear audit trail and confidence rating for every data element.

Since 1995, Tellus has evolved based on client feedback and requirements. Can you afford not to have Tellus in your screening toolkit?


  • Regional geohistory text
  • Basin report summarising play element parameters
  • Chronostratigraphic summary charts
  • Petroleum systems events charts
  • Play cartoons
  • Thermal maturity and hydrocarbon generation charts
  • Cross sections


  • Play maps, for proven and selected potential plays, illustrating reservoir distribution, relevant seals and source kitchens
  • Control points
  • Fields
  • Licence blocks

Web Application

Clients are also able to view the data using:   Tellus Web 

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