Ireland IRE-16

Porcupine Basin

IRE 16 Phase 1 - Fast Track data

Map of South Porcupine Basin

CGG has acquired a new 5,700 km2 long-offset broadband survey over two areas of the South Porcupine Basin. Fast-track PSTM data for both areas are available now.

These state-of-the-art data sets complement our existing extensive GeoSpec Irish Legacy Database to deliver outstanding imaging in this highly prospective area.

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IRE 16 Phase 2 - Fast Track data 

The right data, in the right place, at the right time


 Regional Contact 
 Regional Contact 
Multi-Client Data - Lodestone


Better imaging in the Southern North Sea. All 3 areas reprocessed in depth using TomoML modelling and Q-wave amplitude compensation
Multi-Client Data - West of Shetland

West of Shetland

We have just reprocessed the Judd Basin 3D survey West of Shetland with the latest bandwidth extension and demultiple technology to deliver an advanced PSTM dataset to identify the remaining subtle tertiary traps.

Multi-Client Data - Cornerstone


35,000km2 Cornerstone contiguous broadband PSDM data with added-value Facies Finder and PPP products to help pinpoint the best prospects

Multi-Client Data - GeoSpec Ireland

GeoSpec Ireland TerraCube

Revitalised, reprocessed and regridded legacy data with added-value interpretative products
Multi-Client Data - North Viking Graben

Northern Viking Graben

A huge integrated geoscience program covering over 35,000km2 of the Northern Viking Graben. BroadSeis-BroadSource ghost-free data with reservoir-oriented QC.
Multi-Client Data - Geospec UK Terracube

GeoSpec UK TerraCube

Revitalised, merged and regridded legacy data with added value products