Located in one of North America’s most prolific basins, the newly acquired 282 square miles high-end 3D seismic survey offers 400-fold broadband data. Setting a new standard, Avalon allows better imaging to address the noise and statics challenges in the area.

Targeting the Bone Springs, Wolfcamp and Cline formations, this complete solution ties the geophysical data to the geology, enabling enhanced sweet spot detection and improved hazard avoidance for optimal well placement.

The project uses a multi-disciplinary approach comprising advanced imaging, reservoir characterization and microseismic monitoring.

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Acquisition Parameters

Survey Size: 283 square miles Bin Dimension 110’ x 100’
Record Length: 5 seconds Date Acquired: 2014
Recording System: Sercel UNITE 3.1 Patch 7.01 Energy source: Vibroseis
Fold Coverage 396 @ Nominal 
354 @ 16 000’
266 @ 12 000'
130 @ 8 000’ 
  32 @ 4 000’

Receiver Information

Source Information

Receiver Interval:


Source Interval:

Receiver Line Spacing: 880' Source Line Spacing: 440'
Receiver Line Orientation: 1.7º Azimuth Source Line Orientation: 91.7º Azimuth
Receiver Type: Sensor SM-24 Source Type: Nomad 65
Post Total Receiver Points: 39 909 Post Total Source Points: 76 013
Total Receiver Lines: 155 Total Source Lines: 202
Receivers per Square Mile: 145.4 Sources per Square Mile: 289.3
Elements/Receiver Array: 6/50' Inline Units/Source Array: 3/120' Inline
Inline Offset: 15,730' Maximum Far Offset: 18,412'
Crossline Offset: 9 130'
Recording Geometry: 22 x 144 groups Sample Rate: 2ms
  • 22 receiver lines x 144 channels per line. 12 line roll on/off. Fold on/off. 
  • Source centered between receiver lines 11 & 12. 
  • 1 x 30 second, 4-72Hz EmphaSeis, .5 second start/end cosine tapers, 3 vibrators/array centered on flag. 
  • 5 second record length
  • 110’ x 110’ bins. 
  • 1 707 (approx.) linear receiver miles. 
  • 3 397 (approx.) linear source miles. 

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