Espirito Santo

Depth Slice

All final datsets for the Espirito Santo Phase  III BroadSeis™ survey are now available to evaluate Post-Salt and Pre-Salt exploration opportunities.

These datasets provide unprecedented clarity and deliver spectacular images of the prospects in this region.

 Explore the CGG GeoStore to see all our multi-client data in this area.

Espirito Santo BroadSeis Data

Espirito Santo Phase III Map

Final Deliverables

Al final products for the Espirito Santo Phase III survey are available now:

  • 3D Kirchhoff PSDM (TTI)
  • 3D RTM (TTI)
  • Final PSDM (TTI) Velocity Model
  • High Res Shallow Hazard 3D PSTM (Optional)
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff PSTM (Optional)
  • Gravity and Magnetics Survey (Optional)

All CGG multi-client data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis. Contact us for availability, quality inspection and pricing.

 Explore the CGG GeoStore to see all our multi-client data in this area.

Espirito Santo Phase III - Example RTM Inline

The right data, in the right place, at the right time

 Regional Contact - Houston
 Regional Contact - Rio de Janeiro

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