CGG Multi-Physics offers you an efficient way to generate an Earth model over your entire license area, even in difficult-to-access areas. This is done through proprietary and non-exclusive gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric surveys with the most comprehensive range of advanced acquisition platforms in the air, on land, or at sea. Our multi-client library helps to further reduce exploration risk by contributing to an integrated understanding of geologic potential.

The strength of our Multi-Physics offering is the ability to map several unique rock properties and integrate these with multiple complementary data sources as dictated by the geological challenge. Leveraging the services of other CGG businesses gives you access to world-renowned seismic imaging and inversion, satellite imagery interpretation, and geological research resources within an integrated service offering.

Using the breadth of CGG’s capabilities our skilled interpretation geoscientists integrate multi-physics data with geologic, seismic and well data to add insight into the resource evaluation process. We develop and commercialize specialized software to process, invert and interpret potential field and electromagnetic data used to model a large variety of geologic environments. These capabilities also extend to delivery of magnetic models for use in wellbore positioning by the drilling industry.

Multi-Physics - Success in the Canning Basin

Success in the Canning Basin

Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) Surveys in the Canning Basin provide a cost effective way of exploring. Buru's exploration department use it on a daily basis.

Multi-Physics - FTEM Mapping Showcase

FTEM Mapping Showcase

The definitive Multi-Physics large scale mapping tool yields stunning results in the Namibian desert.
Multi-Physics - Falcon® AGG Course

Falcon® AGG Course

AGG is now an essential in every exploration toolbox, and the online Falcon® AGG Course gives an overview of the fundamentals of how the data is acquired, processed, and interpreted; along with some history of the system development.
Multi-Physics - Lalor

Lalor Deposit HTEM

CGG flew the HELITEM® time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) as a test survey over the Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit in early 2012.


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