Our Resolve® and Dighem® systems provide the most sensitive and highest resolution airborne EM data available.  Configured with the broadest range of frequencies, our systems offer sensitivity to the broadest range of resistivity values compared to any other available airborne EM system. When used on your engineering project to characterize the subsurface this translates to precise definition of geological interfaces, and a reduced risk of missed geological anomalies.

The advantage of data collection from the air is the ease of access to restricted sites where ground data collection is challenging, and the ability to collect data quickly and efficiently over large areas."

With a combination of co-axial and co-planar coil sets, Dighem® is ideal for defining discreet targets such as voids and vertical to sub-vertical geological faults.  Resolve® offers the most co-planar coil sets of any available system resulting in the best layer resolution and making it the industry leading system of choice for estimating the depth of the weathering / bedrock interface.

These systems are lightweight and aerodynamic making them ideal for contouring effectively in rugged or mountainous terrain where other airborne EM system cannot. Using finely tuned transmitter-receiver coils and our unique in-flight calibration system, our frequency domain systems also offer superior responses over or near active power lines.

It is little wonder why these systems continue to be industry leading tools of choice for those looking to explore or characterize the subsurface with minimum risk.

Multi-Physics - Integrated Geological Interpretation

Integrated Geological Interpretation

The strength of the Multi-Physics offering is the ability to map several unique rock properties and integrate these with multiple complementary data sources as dictated by the geological challenge.

Multi-Physics - LCT Software

LCT Software

Experience the difference with LCT. Use our dedicated potential fields modeling software. Combine potential fields, geological and seismic data for the ultimate image.

Multi-Physics - Helitem®


The new standard for power in helicopter-borne time-domain EM. Combines proven EM technology with increased resolution and flexibility. Delivers greatest depth of exploration.
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