Sentinel Solid Streamers

The CGG marine seismic fleet has the largest deployment of Sercel Seal Sentinel® solid streamers in the industry. These streamers are recognized for their low-noise properties and low frequency recording capabilities, providing better signal penetration and benefitting sub-salt, sub-basalt and deep target imaging.

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Sentinel Reels
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Sentinel is the quietest marine streamer available to-day, with a design that reduces noise and drag. Sentinel is the streamer of choice for consistency, reliability, high signal-to-noise ratio and low frequency recording, as CGG can tow these at up to 50m depth, for the deepest tow in the industry. They are proven in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Arctic, as they are robust and do not leak. Sentinel streamers are deployed throughout the CGG fleet.


  • Sentinel is the only truly solid streamer
    • Extruded polymer foam replaces fluid or gel
  • Hydrophone is isolated from strain member to reduce noise
  • Hydrophone is flexible
  • Designed to record high quality seismic:
    • Quieter low drag design
    • Uniform density produces consistent depths
  • Increased stability in variable salinity/water temperatures
  • Compatible with Sercel Nautilus® integrated 3-in-1 steering, depth control and accoustic device
  • Fast deployment and recovery
  • Improved reliability-by-design leading to less technical downtime


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  • Environmentally friendly
  • Proven in environmentally sensitive frontier areas, including the Arctic 
  • Improved signal-noise ratio
  • Consistent low noise performance for better 4D sensitivity
  • High fidelity low frequency recording
  • Deeper penetration for imaging beneath complex overburdens
  • Wider bandwidth for seismic inversion
  • Depth stability improves 4D reliability
  • Wider weather window

Low Noise

In the Sercel Sentinel solid streamer there is a single stress member at the core, isolated from the hydrophone by the PU foam. In fluid or gel streamers the hydrophone is at the core, and is coupled to the strain members. This means that solid streamers do not suffer from towing and environmental noise. This lower noise floor provides a better signal-to-noise ratio at low frequencies, allowing the use of lower low-cut filters. In a vibration tank test solid streamers are 12dB less noisy than gel streamers at 5Hz.

Solid streamers and single hydrophones

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