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The SmartFoil is a proprietary deflector that delivers better source control with less spread width than conventional vanes. It works beneath the surface without any surface buoy or spur line. This enables tighter turns and closer passes to obstacles such as FPSO's or rigs.


The SmartFoil is directly connected to the umbilical or lead-in, so there is no need for a wide tow or spur line. It works at the cable depth with no float or surface reference. It has a knuckle connection for maximum manoevrability.


  • Reduces spread width to enable closer passes
  • Shorter turn radius (tested up to 12°/min-4,5kn)
  • No surface reference (buoy): less sensitive to debris
  • 100 m depth specification
  • Faster deployment
  • Good stability and separation
phoenix close pass The Oceanic Phoenix alongside the Norne FPSO. Smartfoil enables a safe minimum distance of only 50m.

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4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
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Source Technology Solutions

Our advanced source technology creates the right energy for your data and accurately monitors what has actually been delivered to maximize source resolution, stability and fidelity.
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A fully proven broadband source, compatible with all receiver deghosting technology for ghost-free broadband data.
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Offshore Products & Solutions

Advanced technologies and innovative solutions to address your acquisition challenges - increase resolution, enhance illumination and improve efficiency.
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Reduce Exploration Risk

We have a range of technology available for exploration surveys, including some solutions specifically designed for areas where the time window for acquisition is limited.
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Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Acquisition tailored to your geological challenges, time or budgetary constraints. Innovative spread designs and imaging solutions for complex geologies or time-limited or difficult access.
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