Source Steering

CGG's proprietary integrated vessel and source steering complements quiet, Nautilus-steered Sentinel solid streamers to deliver high repeatability at the surface with minimized acquisition artefacts as part of our advanced 4D marine acquisition toolbox. On its own our source steering system (SSS) delivers a positioning accuracy of 3m, but in combination with the integrated vessel steering this is reduced to less than 2m.

integrated source steeringSource positioning repeatability is dramatically improved by powerful integrated source and vessel steering



Powerful integrated source and vessel steering enables sources to be positioned more accurately to match the pre-plot better. The improved source positioning combined with Nautilus streamer control for accurate receiver positioning delivers increased 4D geometric repeatability.

Improved repeatability delivers a clearer 4D signal with less 4D noise, enabling weaker 4D signals to be detected and so delivering better data for more accurate dynamic reservoir models.

WAfrica source steering


  • Automatically driven by Sercel’s SeaPro Nav navigation system
  • Is fully compatible with BroadSource
  • Is available across the fleet
  • Includes an underwater system, a steering algorithm and monitoring
  • Corrects for +/- 20 meters laterally for each source independently with DSS or +/- 7 meters with SS4D


Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
Offshore - BroadSource


A fully proven broadband source, compatible with all receiver deghosting technology for ghost-free broadband data.
Offshore - Source Technology Solutions

Source Technology Solutions

Our advanced source technology creates the right energy for your data and accurately monitors what has actually been delivered to maximize source resolution, stability and fidelity.
Offshore - Nautilus Streamer Steering

Nautilus Streamer Steering

Better 3D coverage, improved 4D repeatability, reduced infill. Integrated streamer control with acoustic positioning, depth control and automatic steering.

Offshore - SmartFoil


Powerful source and streamer control working at the cable depth to reduce tow width for closer passes, shorter turns and faster deployment.
Offshore - Sentinel Solid Streamers

Sentinel Solid Streamers

Best signal-to-noise ratio. Lowest frequencies. Most reliable 4D. Widest weather window. Broadband ready. For the most demanding applications, choose Sentinel.

Offshore (Marine)


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