SeisMovieTM is CGG's solution for continuous high-resolution onshore reservoir monitoring. It offers unparallelled sensitivity and repeatability. Subtle and rapid reservoir variations can be captured, allowing applications for monitoring:

  • heavy oil production
  • steam and water injection enhanced production
  • reservoirs with small 4D signatures
  • subsurface gas storage
  • cap rock and injection casing integrity
SeisMovie diagram

SeisMovieTM installation for SAGD
heavy oil production

Using buried sources and buried receiver arrays, the SeisMovieTM system allows data to be acquired continuously for monitoring enhanced oil recovery during production. Measurements (time shifts and amplitude variations) bring enormous value to the understanding of the reservoir dynamics, as they are related to fluid movements and geomechanical effects.

Where is the steam going?

On the Schoonebeek heavy oil field (Netherlands), where oil is produced by Gravity Assisted Steam Drive, SeisMovieTM measurements gave tangible input to the reservoir engineers to track the steam path from the injector wells to the producer wells.


  • Continuous automated seismic data acquisition
  • Remote operation and data recovery
  • Buried installations for high sensitivity and optimum 4D repeatability
  • Versatile and flexible design can target vertical and/or spatial reservoir variations


  • Captures subtle reservoir variations
  • Provides continuous monitoring for real-time production decision
  • Highly reliable remote autonomous operation
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Minimal surface interference at busy production site

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4D Inversion of Continuous Land Seismic Reservoir Monitoring.
by Laurène Michou
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