Optimizing Development Drilling

Once a reservoir is delineated, it is time for a field development plan that leads to cost-effective production. Data quality is key at this point, when well paths are chosen. Ultra-high-channel-count seismic and thorough petrophysical analysis combine to provide very detailed reservoir models for onshore development. Offshore, full-azimuth seismic supports models that illuminate beyond salt and basalt to petroleum systems below. High-quality data leads to accurate well placement, operational efficiency and cost-effective production.

Optimize development drilling

Know Where to Drill

For both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, CGG has a comprehensive set of solutions to help minimize development drilling risks. Our extensive multi-client seismic database, covering the most prolific petroleum basins, gives access to the best quality images and additional products based on our integrated geoscience workflows to deal with more complex reservoirs.

Take advantage of our BroadSeis solution for accurate interpretation and facies discrimination. Rich low frequency content images the deepest targets and aids quantitative reservoir characterization. High-resolution BroadSource surveys provide the detail required to discriminate subsurface drilling hazards. UltraSeis, our solution for onshore field development, delivers seismic data that is suitable for reliable quantitative interpretation and more accurate reservoir modelling.

Get the most out of your seismic and predict lithology, fractures and fluids using our Hampson-Russell 10.0 and Jason 9.0 software suites for seismic reservoir characterization. To make more informed decisions on where to drill and how best complete wells, rely on our GeoConsulting services, including Robertson’s well site services, Taurus’ geomechanics and engineering expertize, and our pretrophysical interpretation software, PowerLog.

CGG also provides services which will help to keep your well in the zone. MagCUBE improves the positioning accuracy of directional drilling, and RoqSCAN provides cuttings analysis for geosteering. Both help drilling engineers steer more accurate wells to avoid hazards and maximize reservoir contact.

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GeoConsulting - RoqScan


Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.
Onshore - UltraSeis


Enabling quantitative interpretation for onshore reservoir development. Update your reservoir model from this fully integrated solution.

Offshore - BroadSource & BroadSeis

BroadSource & BroadSeis

Get the widest bandwidth and highest frequencies from ghost-free wavelets without compromising low frequencies. Available in flip-flop mode across the fleet.
Seabed - Ocean Bottom Seismic Processing

Ocean Bottom Seismic Processing

Count on CGG for ocean bottom seismic processing. All regions. All inputs. Integrated with marine streamer data. Enhanced coverage. 4D applications.
Subsurface Imaging - MWD


Get clearer images, more accurate velocity models and improved fault delineation. Remove unwanted multiples. Preserve data integrity.
Multi-Physics - MagCube


Improve accuracy of directional drilling and reduce costs risk with our geomagnetic referencing services for Measurement While Drilling.