Extending the Life of Mature Fields

When production declines, it is time to take another look. Reservoirs are dynamic and complex. How plausible is your model? Investigate the current state of the reservoir to determine new strategies to wring the most from it. 4D solutions, from broadband monitoring surveys to 4D reservoir characterization can identify compartmentalization, bypassed resources and flaws in your models and simulations. Technology will help get the most accurate picture. Expertise will offer the best interpretation and field development plan.

Extending the Life of Mature Fields

Production Monitoring & Management

4D seismic is a well-established tool for production monitoring and management and can play a significant part in extending the life of mature fields. We offer an advanced 4D acquisition toolbox for marine seismic data, as well as permanent monitoring solutions for both onshore  and offshore. These are complemented by our world-leading subsurface imaging and reservoir expertise to deliver optimal 4D results. As well as utilizing seismic-to-simulation workflows to update static models, we provide multi-vintage inversions constrained by 4D rock physics templates built from well data to isolate production effects. We have developed Simulator-to-Seismic scenario testing as a versatile tool for time-lapse survey feasibility studies and the seismic validation of flow simulation models.

Our GeoConsulting group offers integrated workflows incorporating geology, rock physics, seismic and geomechanics and a wide range of petroleum economics and engineering services including field development planning, reserve valuation and auditing.

For Life-of-Field seismic using Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) systems, we lead the industry in processing experience with unique multi-vintage workflows and the ability to provide rapid turnaround of full 4D results from monitor surveys, as quickly as 7 days after the final shot. Onshore, our unique SeisMovie PRM solution has set the benchmark for heavy oil production monitoring with continuous, remote reservoir surveillance of unprecedented sensitivity. This can be complemented with satellite InSAR monitoring of ground deformation and geomechanical modeling.

4D seismic inversions

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Offshore - 4D Solutions

4D Solutions

Our 4D toolbox ensures seismic repeatability via powerful integrated vessel, source and streamer steering with source signature monitoring .
GeoConsulting - Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir Monitoring

Realize the full value of your 4D data with petrophysically constrained inversions. Gain insight into fluid movements and geomechanical effects. We are time-lapse data experts.
Onshore - SeisMovie


Optimize enhanced oil recovery. Continuous, high-resolution onshore monitoring. Unparalleled sensitivity and repeatability. Remote autonomous operation. Understand reservoir dynamics.

Offshore - BroadSeis for Production

BroadSeis for Production

Quantitative inversion, even without wells, for accurate models and better decisions delivered by the broadest bandwidth and best low frequencies.
Seabed - SBGS JV


Get a clearer picture of hydrocarbon prospects, reservoirs and geohazards. We are experts in full-azimuth broadband seabed, and 4D.
Data Management - National Data Repositories

National Data Repositories

Comprehensive NDR solutions for commercial entities and national governments. Transform your data into knowledge.