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Hampson-Russell Software & Services

Qualify and Quantify Your Reservoir and Prospects

Latest News
SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, Amsterdam
[Oct 10]  CGG GeoSoftware will be attending the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), in Amsterdam (27-29 October). Come and visit us on the CGG booth, we look forward to seeing you there ...
2014 SEG International Exposition & 84th Annual Meeting, Denver
[Oct 10]  CGG GeoSoftware will be attending the SEG International Exposition & 84th Annual Meeting in Denver (26-29 October). Our schedule of booth and technical paper presentations can be viewed here. Come and visit us on the CGG booth, we look forward to seeing you there ...
Singapore Workshops - November 2014
[Sep 24]  The Singapore GeoSoftware team is hosting a Hampson-Russell Seismic Lithology & AVO Workshop (24-28 November 2014) to be taught by Dan Hampson. Reserve your space here ...
London, UK Workshops - November 2014
[Sep 11]  The EAME GeoSoftware team is hosting STRATA, AVO and our new ProAZ workshop in London (11-14 November 2014). There are limited places available, please reserve your seat here …

Software and Services

Hampson-Russell has been providing innovative geophysical software and services since 1987, when Dan Hampson and Brian Russell founded their company with just four employees.

Today, we strive to maintain our reputation as the name in seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization by offering a fully integrated suite of world-class geophysical interpretation tools alongside global consulting and reservoir characterization services.


SoftwareThe Hampson-Russell software suite brings intuitive and rigorous seismic interpretation to the desktop, while our services group provides rigorous reservoir characterization.

Our worldwide network of offices provides support, training and consulting services to help you get the most from Hampson-Russell.

As part of CGG, we offer a full range of products and services aimed at enhancing our customers' knowledge of their prospects and reservoirs. Our services combine regional expertise and an advanced exploration and reservoir characterization toolbox to help our clients reduce their exploration and development risk.


We are committed to improving our software products and pioneering new technology which we aim to deliver in a form which is accessible to the working geoscientist. Our HRS-9 software release further improves the integration of the tools and makes the interface more intuitive, so you can evaluate more data with less effort and get better results.


Whether your aims are prospect ranking, field development or maximizing recovery from mature or unconventional reservoirs, Hampson-Russell Software & Services offers a unique combination of technology and expertise.

By focusing on technology and service we aim to be your partner of choice for the E & P challenges of today and the future.

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