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Hampson-Russell Software

Qualify and Quantify Your Reservoir and Prospects

A complete reservoir characterization solution, designed for ease-of-use

Hampson-Russell Software (HRS) is a comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization software tools that integrates well logs, seismic data and geophysical processes into an intuitive package for easy navigation and fast results.

How can HRS help your reservoir characterization challenges?

SoftwareFirst and foremost, HRS is designed for ease-of-use by geophysicists and geophysical technologists. All of the functions for a reservoir characterization project are within the same Geoview interface. Built-in and fully customizable workflows make projects easy to accomplish by guiding the user through the necessary steps and linking parameters from one step to the next. Comprehensive training materials and workshops are readily available. In addition, friendly technical support is offered from many locations.

HRS has evolved to become the most widespread industry standard for AVO and Inversion and continues to add ever more sophisticated capabilities such as:

  • Depth capability for the majority of functions
  • Multicomponent joint inversion of PP and PS gathers and angle stacks
  • 4D seismic volume matching
  • Lithology determination and Petro-Elastic Modeling
  • Azimuthal AVO modeling and analysis
  • Stochastic pre and post stack inversion


HRS brings intuitive and rigorous seismic interpretation to the desktop. The comprehensive user-friendly interface has a short learning curve and allows users to be up and running in their first project ̶ often in just one hour. Established in 1987 with a commitment to improving geophysical software tools, Hampson-Russell continues to pioneer new technology that is accessible to the working geoscientist. No special computing facilities are required: HRS runs easily on laptops and on both Linux and Windows platforms. A standard license includes the ability to use up to 12 threads within one machine, providing fast turnaround for the majority of projects.

Versatile workflows

Workflows let you define a sequence of processes to apply to your data. HRS includes default ready-made workflows to guide you through the steps of a reservoir project. Workflows can be customized with specific parameters, edited, saved, imported, exported, and even emailed to colleagues.

Available workflows include:

  • Pre-stack, post-stack, EEI and stochastic inversion
  • AVO modeling and analysis
  • Conditioning of pre-stack gathers
  • 4D volume matching
  • Joint PP and PS inversion
  • AVAz analysis

Training and Support

Hampson-Russell TrainingHRS provides technical support and training through a global network of offices. We have an on-going calendar of public workshops and also provide in-house training, either in the form of workshops or based around your ongoing project. Our worldwide network provides support, training and consulting services to help you get the most from your geophysical data.
As part of CGG GeoSoftware, HRS continues to offer a full range of products aimed at enhancing our clients' interpretation of their prospects and reservoirs. Whether your goals are prospect ranking, field development or maximizing recovery from mature or unconventional reservoirs, HRS offers a unique combination of technology and expertise. By focusing on advanced but still accessible technology, we aim to be your partner of choice for the E & P challenges of today and the future.